What TV show featured 3 cats a female calico and two male cats one grey and one black as well as a brown dog and a yellow bird?

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Thundercats....I think?
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Can a female cat be pregnant by more than one male?

Yes they can, they have more then one egg that can be fertilized unlike a women (unless you have twins) but a women (in USA i think) had to babies to 2 different men, a black

What is a male calico cat worth?

There is only one male calico out of every 3,000 calico cats. Thismakes the male calico extremely rare. It is not worth any setamount of money, but people may be willing to pa

Describe why they have calico cats and not calico dogs?

There ARE dogs that carry the calico coat colour. I don't think there is a pure breed that carries the calico coat, but there are most curtainly muts that are. My dogs are mix

How can you tell a female calico cat from a male calico cat?

Females are the only calico cats! Another Answer The above answer isn't entirely correct - it is possible for a male cat to have calico patterning, but this is rare. See