What Tribal tattoo symbolizes strength?

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the dragon tribal
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What tattoos symbolize 'strength'?

\n. \n Tattoos that Symbolize Strength \n. \n. \nBull Tattoos - The Bull is a symbol of power, strength, resurrection, masculinity, fertility, impulsiveness, fathers, k

What do tribal tattoos symbolize?

Alot of them have significance to the tribes and the meaning ofeach part of the patterns. Many of the islander tattoos are passedon from generations.

What kind of tattoos would or could symbolize family Or Strength?

Answer . In medieval times, families and tribes used "crests". It was a symbol of their strength and values. Try looking at some of these and think about what you want you

What tattoos symbolize 'female strength'?

Answer . Hey, you know you can always hook up strength kanji with woman kanji for the easy way out, but I would opt for something a lil' different....In W.W. 2 a lot of wom

What makes a tribal tattoo tribal?

kalbo ka baliw baliw baliw wala po akong alam. kaput'te.... putang ina mo hayop ka.. tribal nga eh.... gago