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Can you get your lady partner pregnant after a prostatectomy?

Possibly, since the prostate is an accessory part of the male ejaculatory system. Sperm are made and stored in the seminal vesicles until ejaculation occurs. The prostate glan

How a lady pregnant?

A female becomes pregnant when a male injects his sperm(dick) into her vagina. In which fertilized the females egg's= in which, she becomes pregnant!

Who needs more food a pregnant lady or an athlete?

  A pregnant person because you are eating for two, what you eat that baby eats the baby eats off of you and if you are not eating the baby isn't going to get enough to ea

What can a pregnant lady have for her tea when she is pregnant?

Anything that she normally would provided that she doesn't drink any alcohol, and limits her caffeine and sugar intake. All meats and eggs should be fully cooked and fresh. Fi

Can pregnant ladies wash clothes?

The answer depends on the lady and the pregnancy. At the beginning of a pregnancy a woman can still do almost everything that she could before, with the exception of eating ce

Beer is good for pregnant lady?

No, beer is not good for a pregnant lady. No alcohol is recommended for pregnant women. The surgeon general warns against drinking alcohol when pregnant. Some women consume sm

How do you get a pregnant lady pig on FarmVille?

From my experience pregnant pigs show up on your own farm when you click on them it tells you they belong to one of your farmville friends this friend however has not played f