What age does a boy become a man?

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A boy usually starts to become a man after the years of puberty. Puberty usually starts between the ages of 12 and 16, sometimes even younger or older.
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If a man was molested by another man at a young age what are the odds of his becoming gay?

Scientific Answer: There are no studies or statistics concerning this, so there is no way to provide a numerical value concerning likelihood. No. 1. Homosexuality is genetic. Do the research. It's been very clearly established as being rooted in the brain. Every leading psychological/neurolog (MORE)

If you are 58 and a man who is 40 wants to date you does age matter in love once you become adults?

Answer . In this day and age, when there is so much disfunction and hate in the world, if two people love each other and can make a life together then go for it. We are not talking 18 and 40 which would be a stretch. One is beginning there life the other is 1/2 way through it and should be esta (MORE)

What age were the beach boy members when they first become a group?

At the time of their first record ("Surfin'", 1961), these were the members of the Beach Boys and their ages. Mike Love - 20 Brian Wilson - 19 Al Jardine - 18 Dennis Wilson - 16 Carl Wilson - 14 David Marks - 13 As of today, June 20th 2008: Mike Love - 67 Brian Wilson - 66 Al Jardine - 65 (MORE)

How does a Jewish boy become a man?

He becomes a man in the religious sense on his 13th birthday when he becomes a Bar Mitzvah at which point he is considered responsible for observing the mitzvot. This is celebrated by his being called up to read his bar Mitzvah Portion from the Torah, normally on the sabbath relating to his Hebrew b (MORE)

A man wants start boxing in age of 32 pr wants becom havewet chompion of the world?

The individual should not wait one more year, that's a certain. Who is this "individual"? Since I have many years experience with the SPORT, I do not mind one bit lending the individual a few hours time or 20 min or four hours, "whatever". It can't hurt. The least good I could do for the man is to p (MORE)

Is it normal for the color of seminal fluid to become more yellowish as a man ages?

This is perfectly normal. The color of seminal fluid changes depending on a man's sex-life and diet. A man who ejaculates more often tends to have a thinner and more translucent seminal fluid than a man who ejaculates less often. As a man ages he tends to engage in sexual activity less often than he (MORE)

At what age did a boy or man become a Medieval steward?

A steward was a manager of something, who took charge of assets, resources, and finances. His position was one of trust and authority, and he usually had to prove himself before such a position was given to him, so some experience on different jobs was usually necessary, as was some education. He co (MORE)

How do you become a man?

Physically - you grow into it naturally. . Mentally and otherwise - you make choices of integrity - meaning you consider the benefit and welfare of others in the decisions and attitudes you take.

How can you become a man?

Easy. Just walk righ up to the girl you like and kiss her. If she kisses you back, you're a man. If not... run fast.

You are a boy just 13 yrs of age and you are thinking of becoming an author you are writing a book but you do not know how to go across getting it published?

i would do this: 1. the internet (if you don't want to waste much time or money). u should lyk go around forums and post ur synopsis. 2. make a short youtube interesting short video about it and embed it everywhere (but dnt spam) 3. you should send me your story via youtube mail n I'll do (MORE)

What percentage of boys become Boy Scouts?

I'm assuming numbers for the US (boy scouts are international). According to Wikipedia there were 21,000,000 males age 10 -19 in 2000 in the US. Also according to Wikipedia there are 2,739,692 boy scout youths (age 11-17). That would indicate that more then 13% of boys are in scouting at a given (MORE)

What age did you have to be in the Middle Ages to become a monk?

Depends. Some people were given to the order in childhood and brought up as a monk. The monasteries had a small gate in their wall just the size for a child and a person could put a child within the gate and ring a bell letting the monks know that a child was there. This child will live out his life (MORE)

When at what age do boys become gay?

There is no specific age that a person realises they are homosexual. Before puberty very few people have a strict realisation of their sexual orientation so it is likely that it would become apparent at or around this time. Many people suppress or deny it and remain heterosexual until later in l (MORE)

At what age should a boy become sexually active?

There is no set age since people mature quicker and slower then others but in some states there is a legal age of 15 but is not really enforced. A boy could become sexually active once he has started puberty, but should not have sex until he reaches the age of consent otherwise he would be breaking (MORE)

At what age did a boy become a knight?

Although many do not agree on a specific age on which a boy becomes a knight, it is usually around 20 or 21. Before they can become a knight, they must first be a page at age 8, a squire at age 15 or 16, and finally be deemed a knight if worthy. Usually only noble families have this opportunity.

How do you become a matured boy in age 23?

Most people have completed their physical maturation by the age of 23. If you feel that you have not completed growing and you are 23, you should contact your doctor to see if there is something wrong.

What is becoming of age?

Become of age means that you are now officaly an adult and it means that u are now officaly resonsible for any actions you may partake during your life and everything you do will have either good or bad effects depending on what you have done.

What age did spartan boys become adults?

There were stages in becoming an adult in Sparta. Spartan boys were allowed to join the army reserve at age 18. They left childhood education and were voted into public messes at age 20; those who did not get into one of the public messes could not become citizens. If they qualified, they became fu (MORE)

How does a boy become a boy?

egg (female)=X, if the sperm (male) has a Y chromosome a boy will be born, if the sperm has a X chromosome a girl will be born.

Does becoming circumcised make a boy a man?

If you have ever heard a baby scream in agony as his foreskin is being first of all torn from the glans to which it is attached at birth and the cut of it would hardly convince you that the poor thing has become a man all of a sudden. that is not to mention the crying that takes place every time the (MORE)

Why did Bat man become Bat man?

Batman originally became Batman after he was trained to be an assassin. At the conclusion of his training, he was asked to kill an innocent man and he refused. He was then offered a chance to destroy Gotham City, and once again refused. His parents (killed by a mugger when he was young), had always (MORE)

Why does Spider-Man become Man-Spider?

Because after Peter Parker was bitten by the radioactive spider- his transformation was not complete and he was told whatever it was would not be human.

How does age IV become aged?

شكرا لأخذ كلمات لطيفة كثيرة بالنسبة لك ... صحيح أن من العصور القديمة حتى الآن أنه من الناد (MORE)

How did Spider-man become spider man?

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave himspider-like abilities. These allow him to crawl on walls, jump veryhigh, and use spider-sense to detect danger. Other abilities suchas the webs he created himself. To enjoy more about spider mandownload it's movie script.

When does a boy from Niue become a man?

A boy from Niue is considered a man during his hair cutting ceremony. Generally, they do not cut their hair from birth. When the boys become teenagers, a ceremony is held where women tend the hair, which had normally been cared for by their sisters, for the last time before it is cut.

What age does a Navajo Indian boy become a man?

The coming of age for a boy with the Navajo is not a clearly markedby a ceremony as is is with girls. The girls have the Kinaaldaafter first menstruation. For boys, one thing that is done is atthe last night of the Night Way ( Tl'ee'ji )ceremony (sometimes called Ye'ii Bicheii or Na'akai), children (MORE)