What age does a boy become a man?

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A boy usually starts to become a man after the years of puberty. Puberty usually starts between the ages of 12 and 16, sometimes even younger or older.
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How does a Jewish boy become a man?

He becomes a man in the religious sense on his 13th birthday when he becomes a Bar Mitzvah at which point he is considered responsible for observing the mitzvot. This is celeb

At what age did a boy or man become a Medieval steward?

A steward was a manager of something, who took charge of assets, resources, and finances. His position was one of trust and authority, and he usually had to prove himself befo

When at what age do boys become gay?

There is no specific age that a person realises they are homosexual. Before puberty very few people have a strict realisation of their sexual orientation so it is likely tha

At what age did a boy become a knight?

Although many do not agree on a specific age on which a boy becomes a knight, it is usually around 20 or 21. Before they can become a knight, they must first be a page at age
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When does a boy from Niue become a man?

A boy from Niue is considered a man during his hair cutting ceremony. Generally, they do not cut their hair from birth. When the boys become teenagers, a ceremony is held wher

What age does a Navajo Indian boy become a man?

The coming of age for a boy with the Navajo is not a clearly markedby a ceremony as is is with girls. The girls have the Kinaaldaafter first menstruation. For boys, one thing