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What altitude do passenger airplanes travel at?

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From 28,000 to 33,000 feet.
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Why do airplanes fly at a specific altitude?

Answer \n. \nFAA sets the rules. They're designed to reduce collisions. East flies at odd-000 feet and West flies at even-000 feet up to 29,000, then they alternate ev

Why are airplanes faster at high altitude?

Higher altitude air is less dense. Less density means less air; less air means less friction, and less friction means a higher speed.

When were passenger airplanes first used?

The first passenger plane was flown on Febrauary 8, 1919 from Paris to London. A person called Henry Farman was the pilot. The jouney took six hours. Fokker introduced commer

What is the average speed of passenger airplane?

  The way this is worded is tricky so I'm going to give you the answer to the question I think you meant to ask. The average speed of a large commercial jet airliner is ab

How does altitude affect airplane flights?

The higher you go, the air is less dense, meaning there is less air resistance for the aircraft. This allows the aircraft to travel faster without becoming over-stressed.

How many passengers can an passenger airplane carry?

Obviously every aircraft is different, it can vary from 1 in a small light aircraft, to 853 in the Airbus A 380. Most common passenger jets will carry around 160-200 .

What is the biggest passenger airplane in the world?

The Airbus A380. . The world's largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, has completed its maiden flight. "The behaviour of the aircraft both before and after take-off

When did passengers first start traveling by airplane?

    Early Air Travel     Very early flights for passengers were usually for pleasure rather than travel. It was such a novelty!     As far as I know, t

Passenger airplanes cruise at an altitude of 11 000m on long flights. In which layer of the atmosphere do these airplanes cruise?

It really depends at what latitude the flight is operating. The lowest layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, extends up to an altitude of about 23,000 feet (7km) at the po

What limits altitude of jet airplanes?

The only real limit for jet airplanes is the amount of air available for the engines to maintain compression, combustion, and thrust. Once the air becomes too thin, the aircra