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What animal eats turtles?

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Baby turtles are food for nearly every predator that can eat them- bass, large crawfish, skunks, raccoons, birds of prey, crows, dogs, cats, large frogs, bigger turtles, etc.

As they get bigger, fewer and fewer animals can breech the shell- gators, large cats and bears, etc. Some animals have learned tricks- some eagles pick up turtles and drop them on rocks to burst them open and some raccoons, etc. have learned to root around with their long snouts.

Oh, and people eat them too!
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What animal can eat a turtle?

Most hawks and other birds of prey can, by lifting them up high in the air and dropping them. Then they eat the dead turtle.  

What animals eat turtle grass?

Black swan, Manatee, turtles, dugong, sea snails. Their may be more but thouse are just the ones I know.

What kind of animal eats turtles?

  Turtles are preyed upon by humans, other primates, birds, and crocodiles. Sea turtles are preyed upon by sharks and whales.  

What animals will eat a turtle?

Sharks and large fish eat sea turtles, especially the small ones. On land, bears, wolves, and predatory birds might be able to crack one open. Humans, of course, might eat eit