What animals are in the Temperate Region?

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There are thousands of species in the world's temperate zones, from mammals and birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, all kinds of minute life. Only the tropical areas are more diverse.
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What is Temperate region?

When there is variation of temperatures but no extremes of heat or cold. Typically these locations are midway between the equtor and poles.

Is Latin America a temperate region?

Latin America is a cultural region that spans Mexico, CentralAmerica, the Caribbean and South America. As such, it has a widevariety of climates, including tropical, temperate

Where are the temperate regions?

In geography the temperate latitudes of the globe lie between the tropics and the polar circles. These regions have a summer and winter that are generally relatively moderate,
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How is polar region different from temperate region and topical region?

A polar region is different from a temperate and tropical region due the fact it displays extreme cold temperatures. The polar region is located in the North and South Pole

What are the economic activities of temperate regions?

Livestock farming and cereal farming are bothpractised by people living in the grassland areas. Livestockfarming such as dairy farming and cattle ranching are possiblebecause