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What animals help people in their work?

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German shepards are commonly used in police work, dalmations are sometimes helpful with firefighters. And you can get dogs to assist you if you're blind or have a certain disability. Some animals are very smart and can help you just as easily as any human can.
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How elevator helps people to make work easier?

it helps us by not climbing up the stairs. and if we are in a hurry we can just ride the elevator. and how about if we brought heavy and fragile things?, we cannot carry them

How do animals help animals?

Some animals live in packs or groups (wolves, ants, meerkats) and they depend on each other for survival, some even have specific jobs. Some hunt while other protect the home

How do animals help people?

Animals help people in many way. For some its companionship, help  with a disability, or sometimes to help learn responsibility.  Animals can also entertain some people, or

Why are animals helpful?

Without animals we would probably not be in such good shape. Animals provide food for us, for example: Just one female cow will provide: Beef Milk Cheese (out of milk)

How does animal testing help people?

The practice of animal testing dates back to the Greeks. Before applying surgical procedures to humans, animals were used to verify the method. Louis Pasteur induced anthrax i

What are helpful animals?

dolphins are helpful animals, some people drowning have been saved by them, because when a baby dolphin is born the mother pushes it up to the surface to get air, so when dolp

Why should people help animals?

its a nice thing to do.most animals are endangered around the world.they could always use youre help and saving them could help alot