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What animals help people in their work?

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German shepards are commonly used in police work, dalmations are sometimes helpful with firefighters. And you can get dogs to assist you if you're blind or have a certain disability. Some animals are very smart and can help you just as easily as any human can.
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How do animals help people?

Animals help people in many way. For some its companionship, helpwith a disability, or sometimes to help learn responsibility.Animals can also entertain some people, or help s

What do people do to help animals?

they feed them, shelter them, groom them, protect them from people who want to hurt them, provide companionship, etc...

How can people help endangered animals?

You can conserve habitats, try to help make space for wild life, Recycle, Reduce, And Reuse, Plant NATIVE Plants That Are LOCAL To The Area (foreign plants hurt our wildlife),

Do all animals help people?

Well, not necessarily all animals help people, look at lions or tigers or eagles...do they help you in any way? well sure some animals can be very nice,sweet and kind but not

How does animal testing help people?

The practice of animal testing dates back to the Greeks. Before applying surgical procedures to humans, animals were used to verify the method. Louis Pasteur induced anthrax i

Which animals help us with our work?

That depends on what kind of work you're referring to. Dogs, horses and oxen are the top three animals that help humans with a variety of types of work, from military to agric

When do animals help people?

all the time. like when a earthquake is about to happen the can sense it and give out warning sings

What animals help us in your works?

Animals help in work all over the world, so there are quite avariety of helpers. A few examples: . Dogs - Dogs help with search and rescue, as well as detectionof many typ