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What animals help people in their work?

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German shepards are commonly used in police work, dalmations are sometimes helpful with firefighters. And you can get dogs to assist you if you're blind or have a certain disability. Some animals are very smart and can help you just as easily as any human can.
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How animals help people?

1. Guide Dogs help people who cannot see. 2. Bees can help you by producing honey. 3. Spiders can help dispose of annoying flies. 4. German Shepherds and other dogs are

Which animals help people?

  A lot of animals help people, but the most helpful is probably a dog. You can train them to do almost everything.   A lot of animals help people, but the most helpful

What animals help people?

  well dogs and mini horses help blind people. but really if you train animals really good, all animals help people.

How do people help animals?

Well I think us humans can help animals in many ways. Here are some examples:Plant more trees around the environment of endangered species.Donate money to shelters that have h

What is an animal help handicap people?

A dog can help the handicapped, thus a guide dog. I believe a certain monkey can too. I think in the Guinness Book of World Records there is a horse that actually takes the pl

What can people do to help the animals in your community?

I copied this from peta's website so these are just some ideas there are plenty more. just doing something is great! Adopt a homeless animal. If you feel that you can offer a

How people should help animals?

I'm not an "expert" although I'm about as close as you can get without being certified, even though I am a young teenager, that aside, my opinion on this would be: It depends

What animals help us in your works?

Animals help in work all over the world, so there are quite a  variety of helpers.    A few examples:     Dogs - Dogs help with search and rescue, as well as