What apparel begins with the letter k?

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karaku is a kind of hat
keffiyeh is a cloth worn on the head and neck by arab males

a kerchief can be called clothing in it can be worn on the head by women
kilt is a skirt worn in scottish tradition

kimono is a formal japanese clothing

kirtle a knee length tunic
knee-high stockings are knee-high stockings.

Khakis, Knitted shirts/sweaters
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What apparel begins with K?

Keds shoes,khakis, kilt, keffiyeh (scarf worn around the neck or head), knitcap, K-Swiss sneakers, knickers, knit shirt, kimono, kerchief,kaftan and knee socks are clothing it

What apparel begins with the letter 'E'?

Some things to wear that start with E are: earmuffs ear rings elevator shoes emroidery espadrilles eternity ring ethnic clothing Etienne Aigner evening dresses

Apparel that starts with the letter A?

Clothing items that start with the letter a: . A-line skirt . abaya (robe-like over-garment worn by Muslim women) . Adidas sneakers . Air Jordan shoes . alasho (turban)

What Apparel begins with R?

Raincoat, riding boots, Reebok sneakers, Ralph Lauren shirt, Rockport shoes, robe and Rugby shirt are clothes. They begin with the letter r.

What is apparel?

Apparel is clothing and garments, which are textile materials worn on the body.

What Occupations that begin the letter K?

Kennel Keeoer . Kangaroo Wrestler . Karate Instructor . Keno Dealer . Key Punch Operator . Kicker . Kindergarten Teacher . Kitchen Chef . Knitter . Knowledge Manager
In Britain in WW2

When did the apparel industry in the U.S. begin?

The American Revolution of 1776 gave birth to the U.S. apparel industry. It created a climate in which the activities of urban-based industrialists, bankers, merchants, and ot