What are 10 examples of respect?

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Some good examples of being respectful are:

1. Looking someone in the eye when talking to them
2. Asking someone's permission before doing something
3. Using good manners like "please" and "thank you"
4. Talking politely and quietly, not shouting or being intimidating
5. Ask someone in the same conversation their view of things if they haven't said anything yet
6. Showing someone genuine interest in what they're doing
7. Don't put people down harshly, always use a good reason with evidence to make it more explainable
8. Don't cuss someone you hardly know, just ignore them if they start
9. Make sure everyone feels included
10. Get to know people properly, don't fake an interest, find some common ground and talk about-it will lead to other conversations and you'll learn a lot about that person without being nosey or rude.
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Have you any examples of respect for race and diversity?

An example that would be especially relevant at this particular time of year. It is Ramadan and therefore most Muslims would fast during the hours of daylight which is a very

What is the example of respect?

"When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.. ". Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired - it can only be ea

What are 4 examples of respect?

1.Say please and thank you. . 2. Listen to your parents, teachers, elders, etc. . 3. Say mam or sir. . 4. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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What is an example of a respectful way to address someone?

When addressing males: Sir, Gentlemen, Young Man, Uncle, Mr.. When addressing females: Mam, Ladies, Young Lady, Aunt, Mrs.. Strangers: Good evening, Sir. Good morning, Mam..

What is an example of respect for the individual?

Most aspects of a good relationship come back to the idea of respect. If you respect someone, you will be loyal and honest with them. In addition, you respect their points of

10 ways to demonstrate respect of self?

1. Be True to Yourself There is great social pressure from parents, work and society to become a certain person and to achieve certain things. It is a pressure hard to detach

Examples of acrostic poems for respect?

1 R each out to your neighbor and smile E nter conversation while S eek to understand the needy P ractice kindness; dont be greedy E ach of us should share with other

What is an example of a respectful person?

Someone that treats you like an equal not a incompetant b****. Respects you, your family, personal belongings and what you have to say without calling you down or making you f
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What are some examples for respect?

some examples are when your mom or dad tells you to do something and you do it that shows respect becaues that shows that you cared about what they said

What are some examples of a respectful person?

A respectful person will have good manners, which makes sense if you consider that manners are all about treating others in ways that make them feel comfortable in social situ

What are some examples of religious tolerance and respect?

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