What are Belgium frites?

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frites is the french word for french fries. Belgium is known for its frites which if very good. It's made of special potatoes which are fried twice, the double action makes it more crunchy. It's usually being served in a cone of paper and added with a desired sauce (Mayonnaise, Cocktail. samurai Andaluse etc.) If ever in Brussels it's highly recommended to try. (and don't put ketchup on it)
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What does pommes frites mean in English?

In British English (which includes all Commonwealth countries) pommes frites are 'chips'. In American English pommes frites are 'french fries'. In the US chips means pota

What does la frite mean?

Words with 'frit-' in exist in French (frite) and Spanish (frito/frita), and are connected with 'fry/fried', usually as adjectives or past participles, thus Spanish 'las

What r pomme frites?

"Pomme frites" is the French way of saying "potato chips" (if you're English) and "potato fries" if you're American. (To clarify, in English "chips" are the potato cuboids w
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How do you make pommes frites?

In British English: Chips In American English: French Fries Cut potatos in thin strips Put a deep frying pan with lots of oil (sunflower or similar) and fry the bits in it o