What are Bill kaulitz ex-girlfriends names?

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The names I know are Ina and the one he had for about 2 years was Linda who's mentioned in Devilish Guestbook.
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Who is Bill Kaulitz?

Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer to German rock band Tokio Hotel. He was born September 1st 1989 in Leipzig Germany to Jörg Kaulitz and Simone. He is known for is angelic voice and being a world renowned star. Bill has been in the spotlight since he was 11 when he came runner up in Star Search. At (MORE)

Where is Bill Kaulitz from?

He was born in Leipzig in east Germany but grew up in a village called Loitsche, near Magdeburg. he comes from east Germany in leipzig Bill And His Twin Brother Tom Were both born in Leipzig, Germany to Simone and Jörg Kaulitz Bill is from Leipzig Germany

Did bill kaulitz have a girlfriend?

Bill Kaulitz have a new girlfriend her name is Leen D Kaulitz on facebook , but her real name is Linda D , she's from Québec Canada and she is 30+ years old they met on facebook last years and now they are in deeply in love. She inspire him from his new song Hurricanes and suns . You can see her (MORE)

How many girlfriends has Bill Kaulitz had?

"BILL: I had a long relationship that lasted for about a year and a half.And several that lasted for about 2 weeks..." From the interview "Chaos by the first kiss" in 2007. During Devilish there was Linda and I think the last one was Ina.

What is bill kaulitz real name?

Bill Kaulitz? Unlike some celebrities, that is his real name. Bill Kaulitz. Occasionally I've seen Trumper added to then end but that was made up by fans who assumed Simone was already married to Gordon.

How many girlfriends did bill kaulitz have?

We don't know for sure. We only know about Linda (in the devilish Guestbook) and Ina (who did a interview with 2 of Toms ex). Bill said there were one long relationship (I'm guessing Linda) and many that lasted for shorter period of time like a few weeks or months.

What is bill kaulitz screen name?

He doesnt have a screeen name, or if he does, he wouldn't give it out for millions of people to add. Try going on chat websites where tokio hotel will be at a specific time. You can find dates and times on fan sites or forums. I personally find all my information on Google, and on Facebook. To talk (MORE)

What does bill kaulitz want to name his kids?

Well from what I heard Bill Kaulitz once said "I don't ever want to Have kids" and In when I was watching "Tokio Hotel t.v " he was looking at a baby and The producer asked "you like children?" and He replied "aww yes it's so cute" So that's a yes or no...>< Hope this helped I love Tokio hotel

What does bill kaulitz want in a girlfriend?

The outer appearance is: nice butt nice hands should be 5'7 (Ten cm shorter than him) hair color is irrelevant And the inside; spontaneous not a liar Quote by him (bill ) : I want if she will live in someplace , but not Germany . If she will be in other country or city it will be th (MORE)

What is bill kaulitz?

HE is a German sex bomb from the awfully successful German band, Tokio Hotel, with hits such as Automatic, Monsoon, World Behind My Wall, ect, ect...

What is bill kaulitz dads name?

His biological dad's name is Jörg Kaulitz. But their mother split with their father (they were never married) when they were 7 and she got a new boyfriend, Gordon Trumper, who has a rock school named " Rock's Cool". He gave to the twins the idea to build a band, And was the first who gave to Tom (MORE)

How can you be bill kaulitz girlfriend?

You have to meet and he have to be interested and fall in love with you. This is not possible to create, if it happens it happens. You can't mold yourself into someone you are not.

Why doesn't bill kaulitz have a girlfriend?

Bill does not have a girlfriend because he has said before that he doens't want to just date anyone he is looking for the fight girl and he hasn't been able to find her yet because he is so busy, but he does say he could picture himself dating a fan.

Why is Bill Kaulitz named Bill Kaulitz?

his parents named him bill cause they liked it and his last name is the same as his real fathers though sometimes he'll add his mother and step-faters last name to his own. No it's the fans that keeps adding Trumper to his name. Him and Tom never had that name. Gordon and Simone got married Augus (MORE)

What are the names of Bill Kaulitz girlfriends?

Ina was one who also made a interview with 2 of Tom's ex gf. Linda was one he had during Devilish and she was the one with the longest relationship he had I think. She is also in the Devilish Guestbook. Since Tokio Hotel took off when he was 15, he haven't had any.

What is the name of the movie that bill kaulitz had worked?

Bill Kaulitz along with his identical twin brother, Tom Kaulitz, starred in a movie called 'Verrückt nach dir' in 1994 when the twins were 4 or 5 years old. Their roles were uncredited. In 2006 Bill Kaulitz did the voice role of Arthur in the first part of 'Arthur und die Minimoys' (the German (MORE)

Does bill kaulitz have a hidden girlfriend?

someone says he has a girlfriend now... No. Bill is single, and he's waiting for the right girl. Georg and Gustav are the only ones with girlfriends right now. Don't believe videos on YT. Anyone can make those and they do. Usually no pics of the boys with the girls apart from M&G, just the girls (MORE)

Is aida the girlfriend from bill kaulitz?

No. Bill is single, and he's waiting for the right girl. Georg and Gustav are the only ones with girlfriends right now. Don't believe videos on YT. Anyone can make those and they do. Usually no pics of the boys with the girls apart from M&G, just the girls standing on the same locations the boys onc (MORE)

Is pinky s bill kaulitz girlfriend?

No. She told her bf as a joke that she knew him and the bf believed her when she dumped him. It was all in the press. She was just a fan and the bf spread what she had said as if it was true.

Does bill kaulitz have girlfriend 2011?

No. Bill Kaulitz does not have a girlfriend. Some of you might have seen the photo of 'him' kissing a girl. Yes it is him, but no, the photo is not real. the photo has been photoshopped. One, the hand by his neck does not have a thumb, it is a left hand. Two, the space between Bill's neck and her c (MORE)

Does Bill Kaulitz has new girlfriend?

No,he doesn't he hasn't had one in six year's may have seen videos and photos saying he has one or seeing him kissing some girl but those aren't him. He said in a 2010 interview he was still single

Is Bill Kaulitz girlfriend Evolet Miranda?

Opinion Yes Evolet Miranda is Bill Kaulitz's girlfriend! Opinion No she's another sad little girl pretending to be Bills gifrlfriend to get attention from fans. According to Bill he is single! Evolet is so far only a rumor from the girl herself and we all know how believable that is! They (MORE)

Who is bill kaulitz girlfriend 2014?

No one. He is still single according to himself. He has been singlesince he was 15 but has had one night stands according to thelatest interview.