What are Georgia's natural resources?

Rice and indagoo
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What is a natural resource?

A natural resource is a material that comes from the Earth and in its raw or "natural" state is of value for one reason or another. A natural resource is not man made and is a (MORE)
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What are natural resources?

Natural resources are any naturally-occurring substances or materials that can be used for economic gain. Examples are coal, oil, natural gas, mineral ores, water, arable land (MORE)
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How do you stop wasting natural resources?

By companies and governments pushing to make recycling compulsory the materials then collected can be used with only small amount of the original raw materials to make the pro (MORE)

Utilization of natural resources?

As human civilization has progressed, man's dependence on natural resources has grown tremendously. Earlier, man used these resources to support his life, but today he utilize (MORE)

Is natural gas a natural resource?

Yes, natural gas is a natural resource, just like, oil, coal and  ores.    Normally it requires some form of mining to extract it from the  ground, process and distribu (MORE)

Ancient rome natural resources?

The people in Ancient Rome enjoyed plenty of natural resources.  They had plenty of fresh water, protection from invaders by land or  sea, rich soil in which to plant crops, (MORE)

List the natural resources of Antarctica?

Antarctica's best natural resource is the platform it presents to  scientists to study the health of planet earth.    It is, after all, a continent dedicated to science, (MORE)

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