What are Mozart Verdi and Berlioz famous for?

What are Mozart Verdi and Berlioz famous for?
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Why is Mozart so famous?

Mozart is so famous because at the age of three he could play the keyboard and he wrote many many songs.
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What was the famous quote of Mozart?

Neither of the lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together got to making of a genius. Love, love, and love that is a true making of a genius.
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Facts About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart is a classical composer famous for his symphony and other musical works. He was a prolific composer, and his work showed a touch for artistry. He was one of the rare co (MORE)

Interesting Facts About Wolfgang Mozart

Perhaps no classical composer is better known that Wolfgang Mozart. He was a child prodigy who started composing music and performing for royalty at the age of five. He was an (MORE)

Music History: Famous Composers

Music has many famous composers. All are noted because of their significant contributions to the world of music. Through their innovated composition styles, prolific writing o (MORE)
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When people are asked to think of famous Austrians, artists and musicians often come to mind. Mozart, Brahms, and Mahler are just three of history's greatest composers who hap (MORE)

Why is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart famous?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was known as an "infant prodigy". By the age of four, he began playing music. By five he was very good at clavier and had composed little pieces. By ei (MORE)

What Famous Composer Was A Important Influence On Mozart?

This isn't an exhaustive list, but: Joseph Haydn - They were good friends, though Haydn was 20 years older than Mozart. Haydn also was highly regarded for his innovations in (MORE)