What are Mozart Verdi and Berlioz famous for?

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Where is Verdi buried?

Verdi is buried at the Casa di Riposo per Musicisti in Milan, Italy. The address is Piazza Michelangelo Buonarroti, 29, 20149 Milan, Italy, it's near the Buonarroti metro stat (MORE)
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Was Mozart famous when he was alive?

Yes. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was famous when he was alive. Though he wasn't nearly as famous then as he has become after his death.
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Why is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart famous?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was known as an "infant prodigy". By the age of four, he began playing music. By five he was very good at clavier and had composed little pieces. By ei (MORE)

What does Verdi mean?

Verdi's name literally translates as "Joseph Green" in English. However this is technically incorrect because in Italian 'verdi' is the plural form of green, so factually if o (MORE)

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