What are abuses of TV?

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Who should you contact if you view the abuse of live animals on TV?

I would first write down the show, the time and what exactly happened. I would then call the station and they could hopefully point you in the direction as to how to contact t

How do you get on tv?

There are many different TV shows and TV formats. I have visited a website that seems to be growing day by day as more people are asking about how they can get on tv for di

Uses and abuses of tv?

Like anything human or divine, the Television as a medium can be abused. There is program and product content which is often un-regulated and the problem cannot be solved by r

What are abuses of television?

Television has many abuses and some aimed at the children of all ages in our society. There are pornography channels; media on people like Britney Spears who has a past like 5

What can TV do to you?

Watching too much television decreases brain activity. Activities such as reading and studying actually help to increase brain function.
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Who produced the television show Brainiac Science Abuse?

Brainiac: Science Abuse was produced by a team of people. These people are Stewart Morris, Richard Greenwood, Hazel Steward, Grant Shearer, Tom Thompson, Matthew Ainsworth, Ja