What are all of the Disney character names in Italian?

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Off the top of my head (& with a little help from my husband)

Mickey Mouse = Topolino (it means little mouse)
Minnie Mouse = Minni
Donald Duck = Paperino
Daisy Duck = Paperina
Huey, Dewey and Louie = Qui, Quo, Qua
Scrouge McDuck = Paperon de Paperoni
Goofy = Pippo
Pluto = Pluto
Popeye = Braccio di Ferro (it means arm of iron)
Chip and Dale = Chip e Chop
Cinderella = Cenerentola
Snow White = Biancaneve
The Seven Dwarfs = I sette Nani
Doc = Dotto
Grumpy = Brontolo
Sneezy = Eolo
Sleepy = Pisolo
Happy = Gongolo
Bashful = Mammolo
Dopey = Cucciolo
Sleeping Beauty = La Bella Addormentata
Peter Pan = Peter Pan
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What are the names of all of the Disney characters?

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