What are all the types of Apple iPods?

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Ipod Shuffle
Ipod Nano
Ipod Classic
Ipod Touch
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What is the difference between apple iPod and apple iPod Nano?

ok well just recently they rename the ipod to ipod classic and the ipod nano is still the same. ipod classic is bigger in size, has bigger screen, holds more songs etc.. if u

Types of apple ipod?

\nWell there are: the iPod classic 1st gen this is black and white a rubbish the 2nd gen ( classic) colour display is ok and better than 1st gen . The 3rd and 4th gen I'm not

What are all the different types of iPods?

Apple released the first iPod in 2001. Since then, manyadvancements have been made. There are three popular iPod, the iPodNano, iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch.

How do you type the Apple logo on iPod Touch keyboard?

Ok this works without jailbreak ok this is how on your iPod,iPhone,iPad Go on safari and type mrgan.com/gb and add it to your home screen the app only works online and offline

IPod touch or apple iPod Touch?

the ipod touch and apple ipod touch are exactly the same, but if you get it in the apple they will tell you all about it and set you up and everything, any other will just sel
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Does all types of apple contain same amount of seeds?

`No, because apples depend on what state of life it is on if its not ripe yet or if its not even a apple yet or what kind of apple it is or where its from but im only eleven s
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What types of Ipod MP3 players does Apple make?

There are four types of iPods on the market. This product line includes the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and iPod classic. Beside playing MP3's, the iPods usually ha