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Castanets are a type of percussion instrument consisting of a pair of shells that are connected by a string. They are clapped together rapidly to make rhythmic accents.

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What musical family does the castanets belong to?

  Idiophones: these are anything where the sound is generated by the actual body of the instrument, rather than a string, air column etc. Other instruments in this categor

History of castanets?

The castanets are a centuries-old, percussion instrument whose earliest recorded history dates to over 1000 B.C. and whose origin is attributed to the Phoenicians, a culture i

When and where were castanets founded?

It is unknown when these incredible hard woods which some instruments are made from were founded, but we do know that they come from Spain.

Is the castanets tuned?

Castanets are a handheld percussion instrument of Spanish origin.  Sounds is made by clapping two wooden plates together. It does not  require tuning.

Is a castanets a percussion?

While this question makes no grammatical sense whatsoever, yes, castanets are percussive instruments.

How do you spell castanet?

That is the correct spelling of the term "castanet" (a small handheld percussion instrument normally used in pairs by Spanish dancers).