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What are chicken tenderloins?

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The tenderloin is an especially tender yet infrequently used cut of meat. Its tenderness comes from the fact that muscles closer to the spine are exercised less frequently than other muscles and are therefore more tender.

It is located under the breast of the chicken and is weakly attached to the breast meat. It is long and slender with dimensions and size comparable to a finger.
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Where is the tenderloin?

The loin or psoas muscle in the beef is present on either side of the lumbar vertebrae It is not really a weight bearing muscle,rather it supports the trunk lying along the sp

How long does it take to bake chicken tenderloins?

Time vs. temperature is a most unreliable method to determine doneness. Pick up a meat thermometer (~$5 and lasts for decades) and cook chicken to 150oF internal.   Also,

What is tenderloin?

A tenderloin is the cut of meat that is the tenderest part. It is  located in the hindquarters of the animal underneath the short  ribs.
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What is tenderloin steak?

steak that is tenderloined to perfection with goozing ushing blood form the soo tender meat and it tastles delicious . i cant get ovwr the red meat . omg