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the absorb neutrons in controlled nuclear reactions
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What are control rods used for?

They are neutron absorbers, and by raising/lowering they can absorb variable amounts of neutrons. This allows the reactor to be maintained just critical at a steady power, or

Boron-10 is used as control rods in nuclear reactors it absorbs a neutron while it emits an alpha particle what is the resulting product in the control rods?

When B-10 absorbs a neutron, as you say it emits an alpha particle. This contains two protons so the other result is the element with two fewer protons than boron, which is li

What element is used in the control rods of nuclear reactors?

One or more elements that strongly absorb neutrons , some are: . cadmium . boron . hafnium . etc.

In most reactors what is a control rod made of and what is it used for?

They are made of materials that are good at absorbing neutrons , such as boron. They can be lowered into a nuclear reactor to slow or stop the reaction, for example they ar

Control rods are used in a reactor core to?

Absorb surplus neutrons, so that the chain reaction can be kept at a steady level, and also to shut down the reactor fully when required.

Why can't the reactor in Japan use control rods to cool down?

There are six reactors at Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, and three of them (numbers one, two and three) were operating at the time of the recent earthquake. All of the

What are the properties of control rods used in nuclear power plants?

Control rods should possess the following properties : 1. Theyshould have adequate heat transfer properties. 2. They should bestable under heat and radiation. 3. They should b

What are control rods in a reactor core used for?

Control the reaction rate by absorbing neutrons that are generatedbut not needed. They are typically made of cadmium or boron,elements that have very large neutron capture cro