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Diamond accents are very small stones with a simple cut and are usually used as side stones to finish off the design. They are either rectangle or triangle in shape and only have between 16 to 18 facets.
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They are very small chips of diamonds used around a larger centerpiece for enhancing.

The above response is not always true; Diamond accents can also be quite large depending on the size of the center stone- it would look terrible if you had a 2-3ct center stone with "Tiny chips" around it.
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Is diamond accent a real diamond?

Yes. Accent diamonds are any size diamond that is either to the side of the main piece as in a watch, or smaller than the main item in other pieces of jewelry. Accent diam

Is diamond accents real diamonds?

'Diamond accents' is a marketing term describing smaller diamonds set in jewelery, to enhance its eye-catching features. They can only be advertised as such if they are real d

Do diamond accents change color?

Diamonds don't change colour; diamonds reflect a rainbow of colours, depending on the light. Stones that change colour are not diamonds, and if they are used as accents in a

Is a diamond accent a real diamond?

If that is the listing, such as "This watch has diamond accents at the hour markers," then it would have to be true or be false advertising. Most diamonds described as or used

What is a diamond?

A diamond is a crystalline form of the element carbon. Because of its structure, it is considered the hardest naturally-occurring substance. It is transparent, but so dense th

What is the difference between accent diamonds and melee diamonds?

Usually there is no difference at all. Technically there can be a difference as melle is .25 carat or smaller . Accent diamonds are diamonds that are smaller than the main gem

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