What are eggs used for in a cake?

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Eggs are a tenderizer, moistener, and leavener in cakes. They give the cakes volume, air, and they hold it together so it doesn't fall apart.
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Why do you use eggs in cakes?

It makes the mixture light and soft so you can put the mixture which helps the other ingredients do their bit.

What can you use instead of eggs in a cake?

Egg is a binder, without it baked goods crumble. There are low fat/cholesterol egg substitutes that can be used for baking. Otherwise separate the egg, using only the 'whites'

What is the use of egg white in cakes?

They're especially helpful with no cholesterol recipes. Also, when making white cakes the egg whites keep the cake white instead of giving them a tinted yellow color from th
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Can you use duck eggs in a cake?

Using ducks eggs instead of chicken eggs in cake will result in harder texture, but a tablespoon of water per egg can be added to obtain a texture like that of cake made with