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What are eggs used for in a cake?

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Eggs are a tenderizer, moistener, and leavener in cakes. They give the cakes volume, air, and they hold it together so it doesn't fall apart.
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Why do you use egg when baking cakes?

Eggs add moisture to a cake and also act as the main ingredient that helps to hold the cake together in its shape while it is baked.

What happens if cake is baked using only egg whites?

If you've followed the recipe using egg whites instead of whole eggs, the difference should be that you have a white cake instead of a yellow cake. When using a recipe calling

How does the number of eggs used in a cake affects how it rises?

Yes the number of eggs you put in a cake affects how it rises. It depends on the number of eggs you put in the cake. When you put in less than the regular number of eggs, the

What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making a cake?

Egg Substitute The most common substitutes for eggs are: MilkSoy MilkBananasApplesauceEgg Beaters Additional advice from baker-contributors:Just add 150 ml of milk for every

Why do you use eggs in cakes?

  It makes the mixture light and soft so you can put the mixture which helps the other ingredients do their bit.

Can mayonnaise be used as an egg substitute in a cake recipe?

Some cake recipes specifically call for mayonnaise, but generally it's not a good substitute for eggs in baking. Eggs are a unique ingredient -- an emulsion of liquid, protein

What size eggs should be used to bake cakes?

Usually, a medium to a large sized egg is used for baking cakes. However, eggs are not vegen. A vegen cake should either skip the eggs (if possible), or find an egg substitute

What do you use if your 1 egg short in a box cake mix?

You can try some vegetable oil, shortening, or applesauce. Since it is only one egg, if the recipe still involves more, it shouldn't be that big of a deal just to leave one o

What will happen if i don't use eggs in cake?

  There are a couple things that will happen, one is that the cake will be flat. It will not bind the other ingredients together as well and it will be dry.   If you ha

What can you use to bake a cake instead of eggs?

Tofu. You can whip equal parts soft tofu with water and it bakes just like an egg. 1 oz tofu with 1 oz water equals 1 egg. If you dont whip all the lumps out you may see them

What happens when you use too many eggs in a cake?

That would depend on how many extra you did. All recipes are a balance of wet and dry ingredients. Just as a guess, I would add 1/4 cup of flour per egg for up to two eggs. Mo