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What are examples of modern technology?

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Some examples are:

personal computers
cell phones
DVD recorders and players
the electron microscope
hydrogen fuel cells in cars
barcode scanners
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Importance of thermodynamics in modern technology?

Since most (all) of modern technology relies on electricity, and the flow of electricity generates heat, all technology is dependant on the laws of thermodynamics to function

Example of technology?

 computers  television  radio  car electronics  DVD player  iPod  Mobile phone     The mechanical equipment used to produce something

What is an example of technology?

Astronomy, airplanes, telephones, electric lights, and motorized vehicles are all examples of technology , which is the application of scientific discoveries to physical use.

What is a modern technology?

of or relating to present and recent time; not ancient or remote

What are modern technology advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages: Cheap and rapid transportation allows agricultural technology to ship food products around the world, while global telecommunication networks facilitate the exchan

What is examples of technology?

just something that represents a *field* of technology examples of technology include: telephone----communication television----- entertainment microwave--- cooking aerop

Example of technology and how it connected to technology?

I'm afraid I don't understand the question. Technology is connected  to technology, because it is technology. Technology is all  over the place these days - from cell phones