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What are examples of modern technology?

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Some examples are:

personal computers
cell phones
DVD recorders and players
the electron microscope
hydrogen fuel cells in cars
barcode scanners
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What is example of technology?

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Importance of thermodynamics in modern technology?

Since most (all) of modern technology relies on electricity, and the flow of electricity generates heat, all technology is dependant on the laws of thermodynamics to function

Uses of modern technology?

Technology makes our work tasks easy and hassle free. It lessen the burden of our task because tit has the ability to cut-off our workload. Some of these technologies that we

Benefits and hazards of modern technology?

The modern technology has made the world a small global village.  Communication between individuals from various continents is  easier. The hazards of modern technology is t

What is silicon used for in modern technology?

Silicon is the eighth most common element on earth but only rarely  found in its pure form. It is mostly used to make microchips for  computers. Silicon is a very good semic

What are effects of modern communication technology?

One effect is the ability to communicate across the world practically instantly. This has changed the way businesses communicate and run, especially international or transcont

How does technology simplifies modern life?

Technology has enhance modern life in many ways two of them being communication and transportation Modern technology has made life simpler for several reasons. Easy access to

What are modern technology advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages: Cheap and rapid transportation allows agricultural technology to ship food products around the world, while global telecommunication networks facilitate the exchan

What is examples of technology?

just something that represents a *field* of technology examples of technology include: telephone----communication television----- entertainment microwave--- cooking aerop
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Give you a definition of modern technology?

Well, mordern is not a word. Did you mean modern? If so, here is your definition: Modern Technology is a recent or current technology, such as computers, DS, Gameboys, Plasm

Example of technology and how it connected to technology?

I'm afraid I don't understand the question. Technology is connected  to technology, because it is technology. Technology is all  over the place these days - from cell phones