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  • Estonia is a county in north-eastern Europe.
  • The capital of Estonia is Tallinn, which is also the largest city in the country.
  • There lives about 1,3 million people in Estonia.
  • The currency of Estonia is Estonian Kroon (EEK).
  • Calling code for Estonia is 372.
  • The five biggest cities are Tallinn, Tartu, Narva, Kohtla-Järve and Pärnu.
  • The president is Toomas Hendrik Ilves and the prime minister is Andrus Ansip.
    • Finland is a short hop across the sea -- just 80km away.
    • There are ferries to Tallinn from Helsinki (Finland) or Stockholm (Sweden).
    • Estonia is in the Schengen Area so we have open borders with the rest of Europe.
    • Brits, Americans, Canadians and Australians can also enter Estonia visa-free.
    • Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, named after our late President, has direct flights all over Europe.
    • Estonia has a population of just 1.3 million but is larger than Denmark or Holland.
    • The Estonian Language is a nightmare to learn.
    • Everyone in tourism speaks good English and often German, Finnish, Russian and Swedish too! (some people speaks French and Spanish)
    • Estonia was occupied by the Soviets for decades but Estonia sees itself as more influenced by Nordic tastes and traditions - Scandinavia with a twist.
    • Occupation by Germans, Swedes and Russians has influenced the architecture of cathedrals, cobbled streets, manor houses and palaces.
    • Great food is everywhere and you can even eat marinated bear here!
    • In winter it gets very cold and we get plenty of beautiful snow.
    • February is the coldest month in Estonia.
    • No, there are no polar bears in Estonia.
    • Roads are traffic jam free.
    • Estonia is almost 50% forests.
    • Tallinn is our medieval capital and by far the biggest city, with a population of around 400,000.
    • In 2011 Tallinn will be the European Capital of Culture.
    • Tartu, with 100,000 people, is our young yet timeless university town.
    • Estonia has over 1,500 islands.
    • Estonia helped to think Skype.
    • Minox camera is from Estonia.
    • Munamägi (Egg Mountain) is the highest point in Estonia, measuring 318m. It also the highest point in the entire Baltic region.

    • The first, public Christmas tree in Estonia was placed in the old town square in Tallinn, in the year 1441.
    • Estonia is a member of the World Trade Organization and the European Union.
    • Estonia has been named after 'Ests', the people who lived in the region in first century AD.
    • The Republic of Estonia is one of three countries commonly known as the 'Baltic States', the other two being Latvia and Lithuania. However, there is as such no political unity between the states.
    • Lake Peipsi, the largest lake in Estonia, is also the fourth largest and the biggest lake in Europe.
    • Estonia has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world.
    • Estonia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.
    • Estonia converted to Christianity only in the thirteenth century.

    Former Soviet republic not recognized by US as independent country when under USSR. Part of the Baltic republics, originally colonies or provinces in Czarist Russia these included Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia- also Finland, which is Scandinavian and broke away during the Revolution. In the interwar period Estonia was an independent country with its own Flags, Armed forces, and important commercial lines such as the Estonian Steam Navigation co, which linked Estonia with the US on the high seas, they operated essentially what we would call ( Tramp Steamers) or freight ships with some limited passenger traffic. The aviatrix and later toy manufacturer and hobby-shop owner Elvira Kalep, who had a hobby shop in Jersey City for some years, hailed from Estonia, and was the first licensed aircraft pilot (female) of her Land. she trained in Germany, originally and transferred across the border. there was some sort of mutual license recognition = loosely like auto licenses interstate.
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What is Estonia?

A country in Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, and is one of the new world countries.

Where is Estonia?

Eastern Europe: south of Finland, west of Russia, and north of Latvia.

What are the facts about Estonia?

Quite a few people speak English, many fluently.. In general, food is a lot less salty. McDonald fries without salt are not particularly good. *People stare at me, although

Is Estonia Germany?

Estonia is not a part of Germany, Estonia is an independent country.
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What do you do for fun in Estonia?

As most of us don't have much money for fun, the most popular things in my view are sitting at home drinking beer n vodka with friends, watching TV, surfing the Internet :)
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Is there farming in Estonia?

Yes, Agriculture is an important part of Estonia's food-processing industry. Principal crops include potatoes, barley, and hay. Livestock farming consists mainly of cattle and
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What is the climate of Estonia?

Estonian climate is usually rainy and a little cloudy. In winters it usually snows most in February and March, but it also snows usually December to sometimes April. In winter