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What are global marketing strategies and planning?

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What is global planning?

Global planning is when executive managers assesses and  organization's options when they are considering going global.  During the process they will research risks and thre

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is the planning and deployment methods used to obtain customers for an organization. The marketing strategy involves segmenting and targeting which market

What are the branding strategies in business marketing?

There are different brand strategies in business marketing for it depends on the products that you are going to promote. However, check this company: http://www.sessionsgroup.

Compare the marketing strategies in past and present?

In the past, most of the marketing strategies were aimed at  developing a product and hoping it sells itself due to its  usefulness. Lately, marketing strategies look at ide

Examples of marketing strategies?

There are several kinds of marketing strategies. These include  advertisement of different sorts: newspaper, poster, flyer,  television, and radio. There are also promos and

How global marketing differs from domestic marketing?

Global marketing needs to take into account  the variety of cultures around the world. Wherever you are  marketing, your message needs to be customized for the particular