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What are jillian michaels' tattoos?

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I read that the one on her ankle is her grandmother.
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Was jillian michaels ever fat?

yes she was 50lbs overweight when she was a teen.

Does jillian michaels have a tattoo?

She has a tatoo of her dead grandmother on her foot and one of the Chinese symbol for friend on the back of her shoulder.

Does jillian michaels have sisters?

She has one half-sister named Lauren McKarus, who is 19.

Is Jillian Michaels a Jew?

No. She believes in God and Jesus, but she does not have a religion.

What are jillian michaels tattoos?

The symbol her back is a Japanese Kanji symbol for friend as for the one on her ankle im not sure but rumor has it it is of her grandmother.

Has jillian michaels posed nude?

she has posed nude many many times..................but just not in front of a camera that we know of? She was nude in the GoDaddy ad, but they covered her up...

How old are Jillian Michaels' daughters?

Jillian Michaels has one adopted daughter and one son (born to partner Heidi Rhoades). Lukensia Michaels Rhoades was born in early 2010 in Haiti and adopted in May 2012. Pho