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Places in the body where bones come together.
A joint is where your bones are connected. The joint is there to help you be able to move.
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What are joints ligaments and cartilage?

Joins are where two bones meet and articulate. Ligaments hold these joints together by attaching bone to bone. Cartilage is a smooth, soft tissue that separates the bones in t

What is a joint?

The part of the body that allows animals and humans to bend andmove. it is bones in your body that help you or anyone or thing elsemove. . REAL ANSWER: . A joint is the l

What are joints in electricity?

An electrical joint is where you have two ( or more) wires that are to be connected using a marr connector (aka a marrette) or possibly a split bolt ( if the joint is made ins

What type of joint is sacroiliac joints?

The sacroiliac is not jointed, the bones are fused together and are located in the lowest part of your spinal column as part of the support of the pelvis bone. They also offer

What are joints that move in one direction?

Joints that allow movement in a single plane are called trochlear  joints, also known as hinge joints. Examples of such joints are the  knee and the humero-ulnar joint of th

What are joint?

A joint by definition is where two bones come together. There are different connective tissues between these two bones. Some of joints are not movable and some are very movabl