What are joints?

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Places in the body where bones come together.
A joint is where your bones are connected. The joint is there to help you be able to move.
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What do the joints do?

The main function of a joint is to create MOVEMENT. Joints makes movement of the bone possible.

What does a joint do?

Joints are where two or more bones make contact. They allow for articulation. There are 3 classification of functions for joints 1) synarthrosis - provides little mobility 2

What are joints in electricity?

An electrical joint is where you have two ( or more) wires that are to be connected using a marr connector (aka a marrette) or possibly a split bolt ( if the joint is made ins

What are joints in the skull?

Joints in the skull are considered sutures in the human adult. Whena person is born, the skull is not quite fully formed and there arespots on the baby's head where the skull

What are joints designed to do?

Joints are the place where two bones meet. All of your bones, except for one (the hyoid bone in your neck), form a joint with another bone. Joints hold your bones together and

What are joints that move in one direction?

Joints that allow movement in a single plane are called trochlearjoints, also known as hinge joints. Examples of such joints are theknee and the humero-ulnar joint of the elbo