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What are liberal party views?

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There are many generalized liberal party views. Some of these include a women's right to chose to have an abortion, helping disadvantaged people, as well as legalizing marijuana.
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What are typical liberal views?

Abortion is a personal choice for the mother, the fetus is not a human life thus has no individual human rights. Affirmative action from the federal government is needed to co

Who started the liberal party?

  The liberal party was founded in 1944 to replace the United Austrlia Party. The United Australia party was formed in 1931 which was governed by Robert Meckenzie.

Political views of the liberal party?

Liberals tend to favor policies that help the poor, workers, and middle class. They would favor individual liberty, support the right of workers to engage in collective bargai

Liberal view of patriot act?

  Liberals are all for individual rights. The Patriot Act involves phone tapping, invasion into personal emails and records. Thus, Liberals are very anti-Patriot Act.

What are liberal views?

examples of liberal commentators are Sean hannity rush limbaugh glenn beck and mark levin. also tv will forte examples of conservative commentators are Keith olbermann rachel

Liberal party policies?

the liberal party policies are what they think they should do , the current policies of the liberal democrats leader is to make things easier for the less well off like taking

Which party is the liberals?

Canada's Federal Liberal Party is Canada's oldest still existing party, though they are going through a rough patch. They ruled Canada for most of the 20th century making Cana