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Paper Plates Paper plates are made of byproducts of the paper making process. Cellulose, oil, resin and various wood chemicals. The designation paper plates generally refers to all disposable plates. 57% of so called "paper plates" are made of polystyrene, which although not biodegradeable us much less energy to manufacture.
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What is PE coated paper plates?

PE is the acronym for Poly Ethylene, a common plastic used in many  consumer products and food storage containers. The real question  is...is it BPA-free? and what type of P

Where can paper plate holders be purchased?

Paper plate holders can be purchased both online or in a retail store. Online stores offering paper plate holders include: eBay, etsy, and Amazon. Stores offering both online

Can you put paper plates in the microwave?

  Not safely, according to http://sneakykitchen.com/Ten_commandments/microwave_safety.htm   "All paper products are manufactured with chemicals. Never use grocery bags,

How do you make paper plates waterproof?

You cannot really. As part of their production a small amount of  water repellent is added but you will really need plastic coated  plated.

Are paper plates recyclable?

Yes, however once the plates have held food they should be discarded or composted. The food residue interferes with recycling and makes them a bad candidate for recycling syst

What paper plate brands are there?

There are......   Dixie   Chinet   Store Brand   Zoo Pals   Serape   Hefty   Meijer

What materials are paper plates made of?

  Answer   heavy duty paper sometimes they are coated with wax or paraffin to make them somewhat waterproof     Other disposable plates - which is what I belie