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father is not in the movie
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Differences between the movie and book Speak?

In the movie, there is much less narration, and you hear Melinda's thoughts less than you do in the book. At the end of the book, Melinda speaks to Mr. Freeman about her bei

What are the differences between the Twilight movie and the book?

Well, some scenes were taken out, and some things from scenes in the book, were made into a different scene The book is amazing,More spectacular than the movie..There is a lot

Similarities between the holes book and the holes movie?

Stanley was accused of stealing the shoes.Stanley taught zero to read and write.Hector (Zero) reunited with his mother after many years they were separated.Stanley taught he w

What is the difference between the book IT and the movie?

To truly answer this question would take more time than anyone should bother with, but I can give the overall differences: Missing from the movie was the character of Patrick

What are differences between Frankenstein book and the movie?

It, of course, depends on which movie you mean, but I'm assuming you mean the 1931 classic.     In the movie the monster never speaks. In the book he has a lot to say

What are the differences between Beowulf the movie and Beowulf the book What are the similarities?

 I read the epic poem and saw the movie. The movie stays pretty close to the movie except for two main points. Warning, these are spoilers.   In the book Beowulf goes bac

Differences between Inherit the Wind book and movie?

The most striking difference is the Native Dancer Story. In the  play, Drummond tells the story to Cates while they are waiting for  the verdict to come in. [In my opinion t

What are the similarities between the Jurassic Park book and movie?

  The basic idea of the book and movie are similar. An extremely rich man named John Hammond gets an island off the shore of Costa Rica. He has scientists clone dinosaurs.

What are some similarities between crucible movie and book?

All I can think of for similarities is that in both the book and movie, Giles Corey had weight put on top of him because they were trying to get some information from him, but

What are some similarities and differences between mary shelley's Frankenstein the book and the movie?

The movie "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" differs significantly from the book. I think that the title of the movie should have just been "Frankenstein" if they were just going to

What are some similarities between 'The Outsiders' book and movie?

The Outsiders movie and The Outsiders book are both alike and  different in many ways. The movie adaptation was made in 1983. The  book was first published in the 1967. One

What are the differences between The Outsiders book and movie?

The movie had a couple differences than the book. Some of the characters did not appear in the movie as much as they did in the book. In the Movie the Socs were from the South

Is there a difference between Jaws the book and movie?

Yes, there are some differences For example, in the book Hooper has an affair with Chief Brody's wife, and he is killed by the shark. Quint's story about the USS Indianapolis