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What are similarities and differences between the book and movie The Cay?

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father is not in the movie
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What are the differences between Beowulf the movie and Beowulf the book What are the similarities?

 I read the epic poem and saw the movie. The movie stays pretty close to the movie except for two main points. Warning, these are spoilers.   In the book Beowulf goes bac

What are the similarities and differences between books and movies?

books give more detail then movies take harry potter for example in the film they cut a lot of things out that was in the book and similaraties are that both movies and books

What are the similarities and differences between the book and movie of the boy in the striped pajamas?

The book is way better and they show different things in each by  singer    New Answer:   In the movie, to start, the boys are eight instead of nine. Also,  they

What are the differences and similarities between the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book and movie?

The movie is based on the book and so is quite similar. Of course  there were some changes as not everything translates to the screen  and due to time constraints. The chara

What are some similarities and differences between mary shelley's Frankenstein the book and the movie?

The movie "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" differs significantly from the book. I think that the title of the movie should have just been "Frankenstein" if they were just going to