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What are sizes shapes and positions of the continents changed by?

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lithospheric plate motion.
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Does mercury change size and shape?

The element mercury can change size and shape. It is often referredto as liquid silver or water silver because of its water -likeflow.

Change in size shape or state?

This is a physical change. An example is breaking glass. It does not change its material, but its size shape or state. A chemical change is where it reacts with something. Iro

Are deserts changing in size or shape?

both because the wind blows sand dunes and spreads parts of the dessert everywhere and changs the shapes.

What caused the continents to change size?

A lot of factors and processes caused the continents to change in size.Most of them also helped in changing their shapes as well.These processes are group into two (2) based o

What is the largest continent in shape and size?

Asia is the largest continent.