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What are sizes shapes and positions of the continents changed by?

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lithospheric plate motion.
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Why are the continents the shape they are?

  The outlines of the continents would change drastically if the sea-levels rose or fell. They are the shape they are because of the amount of water on the surface of the (MORE)
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Exploring the World's Smallest Continent

A continent is defined as a large expanse of land on Earth. In geology, tectonic plates are used to describe continents. Although there is no set criteria for qualifying conti (MORE)
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Asia: Larger Than Life

Asia is the largest of the seven continents. It takes up nearly 9% of the total space on Earth, which is almost 30% of the world's land, and it is home to a little over 4 bill (MORE)
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The Seven Continents of the World

A continent is a large continuous area of land. Together, they make roughly 1/3 of the earth's surface, with land area mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. The world is divided (MORE)

What is a Continent?

Continents are the largest landmasses on Earth. They are generally made up of multiple countries, but this is not always the case. It is widely agreed upon that the Earth has (MORE)

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The Major Cities of Greenland

About 56,000 people call Greenland home. About 84 percent of the country is covered by an ice sheet that is 1.9 miles thick. The ice sheet is big enough to cover the entire co (MORE)

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Does a translation change a figures shape or size?

no because if the shape is changed it wouldn't be a translation it wouldn't be congruent and you need it congruent or else it wouldn't be a translation. thank you for reading (MORE)