Pangaea Supercontinent

Pangaea (also spelled Pangea or Pangæa) is a theoretical supercontinent that existed about 250 million years ago. Scientists believe all seven continents as they are today were once part of a supercontinent and have slowly moved apart.

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Earth Sciences
Pangaea Supercontinent

What evidence is there of Pangaea from climate?

Fossils of tropical plants had been found on polar continents. The only way these plants could have possibly grown is if the continent had once been closer to the equator.

Pangaea Supercontinent

What is the Pangaea puzzle?

The Pangea puzzle is the theory of the beginning of the continents. It's how the Earth started out. Well it is the theory of how the continents came to be. The legend has it that way back in time, there weren't any continents. There was just one large landmass. Until it started to spread apart. That is when it was no longer just one piece. But there were 7 different landmasses. Over hundreds of thousands of years, those landmasses spread apart into what we know now as our 7 continents.

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Pangaea Supercontinent

Why is the earth's surface not expanding?

This is because when one divergent boundary is occurring (more sea floor being made), convergent boundaries are occurring (the sea floor is being consumed) on the other sides of the plates, such as what is occurring at the Mariannas Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

Plate Tectonics
Pangaea Supercontinent

What are 3 types of plate boundaries and how are they different?

divergent, transform and convergent

divergent plate boundaries move away from each other, convergent plate boundaries move toward each other, and transform plate bounties slide past each other.

Pangaea Supercontinent

What is a supercontinent?

A supercontinent is one giant landmass formed from several different continents coming together through plate tectonics. The supercontinent is surrounded by one giant ocean.

A famous example of a supercontinent is Pangea, although there were others before it.

Pangaea Supercontinent

What was Abraham Ortelius hypothesis on Pangaea?

Abraham Ortelius felt that at one time the continents all fit together to form one continent he called Pangaea.

Plate Tectonics
Pangaea Supercontinent

What two landmasses did Pangea break into?

Pangaea broke into Gondwanaland and Laurasia.

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Pangaea Supercontinent

What was Pangaea?

Pangaea was a supercontinent that formed approximately 300 million years ago. It existed during the Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, breaking apart to form the continents we know today after about 100 million years.

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Plate Tectonics
Pangaea Supercontinent

What evidence did Alfred Wagner use to support his theory of continental drift?

Actually there is a lot of evidence that supported his evidence the big one was fossils of animals on distant continents and plants for example Glossopteris was one the strange reasons that Alfred was more than ever to prove his point.


Alfred Wegener proposed that, using 19th century longitude determinations, Greenland had moved 1 mile away from Europe. However, this conclusion ended up being false due to false calculations. Still, Wegener discovered that every year San Diego moved 6 feet closer to Shanghai while Washington D.C. and Paris got 15 feet closer. In addition, Alfred Wegener discovered that related species, too small to swim across the ocean, were found on different continental plates, as well as similar fossils.

Alfred Wegener's theory was rejected at first, however, because he was unable to explain the reason why the plates moved. Later, Arthur Holmes published his theory of thermal convection being the the thing that drove the plates apart. He also noted that the continents didn't "move" but were "carried" by larger pieces of the Earth's crust. Discoveries of the Mid-Ocean Ridge in addition to Harry Hess's work adds onto this theory of Wegener's.

As this theory is the most complete theory concerning global dynamics, the roots of such lie in the curiosity and work of Alfred Wegener.

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Pangaea Supercontinent

What layer of Earth makes up the plates and what layer causes them to move?

The layer of the Earth which makes up the plates is called the lithosphere. The lithosphere is composed of the continental and oceanic crusts along with the hard upper mantle.

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Pangaea Supercontinent

Who came up with the name penis?


1676, perhaps from Fr. p

Plate Tectonics
Pangaea Supercontinent

What happens in the mantle that makes the plates move?


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Pangaea Supercontinent

What happened to

It was run by someone that weny Broke,Or they are at home Dead,and no one has found them yet.

Pangaea Supercontinent

Who had the pangaea theory?

This theory was first predicted by German geologist, Alfred Wegener in 1915.

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Pangaea Supercontinent

What happened to Apollo 1?

Apollo 1 and her crew were destroyed in an electrical fire on board the spacecraft during a training session while on the launch pad. Gus Grissom, Ed White - the first US citizen to walk in space, and Roger Chaffee lost their lives within minutes, well before anyone could open the cumbersome hatch or even get close enough to the craft due to the intense heat. The training session had been plagued with problems, and Grissom was furious at the multiple problems the craft had. After the fire, the entire craft design was overhauled and the extra safety features quite likely preserved the Apollo 13 mission when the cabins became saturated in condensation, and it is thought the attention to insulating the wiring after the Apollo 1 fire prevented serious problems on Apollo13.

Pangaea Supercontinent

What happened after Gondwanaland and Laurasia?

a mederite that was 50000000 metres large hit it. this happen because god was doing an experiment on earth.

Pangaea Supercontinent

How can you describe Pangaea?

Pangaea was a continent in the early age, when the dinosaurs were alive. Pangaea was one super continent consisting of the five continents around the Earth today, which are Antarctica, South America, North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Pangaea Supercontinent

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Pangaea Supercontinent

How long ago did Pangaea exist?

220 million years ago

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Pangaea Supercontinent

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Holidays Which Occur September 12: Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau National Day Ethiopia National Revolution Day (1974) Japan Respect for Aged Day Maryland Defenders Day (1812) Southern Rhodesia Occupation Day (1923)

Religious Observances on September 12: Christian Feast of Holy Name of Mary RC Guido of Anderlecht, koster to pilgrim 1830 Ang Commemoration of John Henry Hobart, bishop of NY

Things to Remember for September 12: Bourbon Month Flowers-morning glory & aster Gem-sapphire Hot Breakfast Month 10 Days Astrological sign: Virgo 1 Day [England] Buddy Holly Week (1976) 26 Days Harvest Moon Days (full moon closest to equinox) [China] Daylight Savings Time ends

Highlights in History Which Occur September 12: 490 -BC- Athenians defeat 2nd Persian invasion of Greece at Marathon 1015 Henry I becomes earl of Leuven 1213 Battle at Muret: Crusade of Simon de Montfort beat Pedro II of Arag¢n 1217 French prince Louis & English king Henry III sign peace treaty 1396 Crusaders under earl of Nevers reaches Nicopolis 1543 Treaty of Venlo: Duke Willem of Gulik & Emperor Charles V 1556 Emperor Charles resigns, his brother Ferdinand van Austria takes over 1609 Henry Hudson discovers Hudson River 1635 Sweden & Poland sign ceasefire Treaty of Stuhmsdorf 1639 Viceroy Thomas Wentworth sails back to England 1649 Drogheda, Ireland falls to Puritan troops; inhabitants massacred 1666 -16] Huge fire in London kills 8 1673 Prince Willem III occupies Naarden 1683 Turkish troops attacks Vienna overthrows by Polish king Sobieski 1695 NY Jews petition governor Dongan for religious liberties 1703 Emperor Leopold I ends contacts on Spanish heritage and English army under arch duke Charles of Austria lands in Portugal 1720 Isa"k of Hoornbeek elected Dutch pension advisor 1722 Russian troops occupy Baku & Derbent on Persia 1733 Polish Landowners select Stanislaw Lesczynski king 1745 Duke of Toscane chosen German emperor Frans I Stefanus 1751 Amsterdam refuses establishment of Jewish ghetto 1758 Charles Messier observes Crab Nebula & begins catalog 1776 Nathan Hale leaves Harlem Heights Camp (127th St) for spy mission 1787 Black Masons form 1st lodge 1814 Battle of North Point fought near Baltimore during War of 1812 1840 Composer Robert Schumann marries Clara Wieck 1857 423 die when "Central America" sinks off Cape Romain SC 1860 J Chacornac discovers asteroid #59 Elpis 1862 Battle of Harpers Ferry VA 1867 2nd synagogue in Cura‡ao, Emanu-El of Willemstad, inaugurated 1871 A Borrelly discovers asteroid #117 Lomia 1876 King Leopold II opens Congo-conference 1878 Cleopatra Needle installed in London 1882 Belgian King Leopold II receives Pierre de Brazza 1884 R Luther discovers asteroid #241 Germania 1885 Highest score (35) recorded in any 1st-class soccer match is set 1888 Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Greek Interpreter" (BG) 1890 Cecil Rhodes' colonies reach Mashonaland (Ft Salisbury) 1895 Defender (US) beats Valkyrie III (Engld) in 10th America's Cup 1901 Arabs attack Gedara Palestine 1906 A Kopff discovers asteroid #1780 Kippes 1907 Lusitania arrives in NYC after 5 day crossing of Atlantic (record) 1908 Winston Churchill marries Clementine Hozier 1909 J Palisa discovers asteroid #689 Zita 1910 Gustav Mahlers 8th Symphony premieres 1912 Dutch Olympian Committee forms (NOC) 1918 During WW I, US forces launch an attack on German-occupied St Mihiel 1920 7th Olympic games close in Antwerp Belgium and K Reinmuth discovers asteroid #937 Bethgea 1922 Paavo Nurmi runs world record 5000m (14:35.4) 1923 Britain takes over Southern Rhodesia from British South Africa Co and S Belyavskij discovers asteroid #1006 Lagrangea 1925 US win Davis Cup tennis tournament 1927 Sigmund Romberg's musical "My Maryland," premieres in NYC 1928 Katharine Hepburn's NY stage debut in "Night Hostess" 1931 H Ellsworth Vines Jr wins US Tennis Open 1932 Bkln Dodger Johnny Frederick hits his record 6th pinch hit HR and German govt of Papen falls/Reichstag dissolved 1933 Alejandro Lerroux forms new Spanish govt and Dutch parliament accepts ban on uniforms 1934 Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania signs Baltic Entente, against USSR 1935 Wilmer L Allison Jr wins US Tennis Open 1936 Y Vaisala discovers asteroid #1405 Sibelius 1938 Adolph Hitler demands self-determination for Sudeten Germans in Czech 1939 L Oterma discovers asteroid #1507 Vaasa 1940 49 die & 200 injured when Hercules Powder Co plant explodes (NJ) and Italian troops enter Egypt 1941 1st German ship in WW2 captured by US ship (Busko) 1942 Battle of Edson's Ridge begins at Guadalcanal and Free-Poland & Belgium asks pope to condemn nazi-war crimes 1943 Free French lands on Corsica and Waffen-SS (Skorzeny) frees Mussolini at Gran Sasso 1944 Noorbeek & Mheer freed 1946 Court martial convicts Henry de Man to 20 years, in Brussels 1947 Pirate Ralph Kiner hits his record 8th HR in 4 games 1949 Theodor Heuss elected 1st pres/Conrad Adenauer 1st PM of German FR 1950 Belgian govt dismisses all communist civil servants and M Itzigsohn discovers asteroid #1800 Aguilar 1951 S Arend discovers asteroid #1639 Bower 1952 No‰l Coward's "Quadrille," premieres in London 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers, win NL pennant and Jacqueline Bouvier marries John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev becomes 1st Secretary of USSR Communist Party and Sen John F Kennedy, 36, marries Jacqueline Bouvier, 24 1954 Indians sweep Yanks at Municipal Stadium; 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Pangaea Supercontinent

How did Pangea break apart?

It broke apart due to the magma beneath and earth's crust.

These plates float on the top of the magma.(crust=plates)

Plate Tectonics
Pangaea Supercontinent

What is the giant super continent called?

The giant content was called the Pangaea. Later on plates started separate.

Global Warming
Continents and Regions
Pangaea Supercontinent

Which continent moved the greatest distance from its position within Pangaea to its present day location?

I'm pretty sure North America

Pangaea Supercontinent

When did Pangaea exist in Earth's geologic history?

Laurasia and Gondwanaland collided to form a single supercontinent called Pangaea from the late Carboniferous Period, through the Permian Period of the Paleozoic era. Glacial deposits show that South America, South Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and India were close together near the south polar region at the middle of the Permian Period.
Pangaea was formed in the Late Permian and broke up in the Triassic Era.

Plate Tectonics
Pangaea Supercontinent

What evidence did Alfred Wegener use to support his theory of continental drift?

Deep-sea mountain ranges had caught his attention.

Alfred Wegener's fully developed theory of continental drift attempted to point out evidences that the continents were once joined into a single continent he called Pangaea. Wegener's theory hypothesized that the continents were able to push through the rock of the seafloor to their present positions.

As evidence, he noted (as had others before him), of the geographic correlation in coastline perimeters of South America and Africa. This was the feature that led Wegener to investigate other clues. His investigations revealed that mountain ranges in South America and Africa, and strata and composition of coal fields in Europe and North America matched or lined up. Additionally, matching reptilian fossils were found on either side of the ocean, indicating that the continents were once joined together. Although he was unable to find a mechanism for his proposed continental drift theory, he also observed that the more shallow an ocean, the younger its geologic age. It wasn't until the 1950's and 1960's, with the discovery of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (and other sea floor mapping discoveries) that Wegener's hypothesis started to become more accepted. The newer science of plate tectonics owes much to Wegener's scientific groundwork.

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