What are some benefits of high speed travel via cartrainor airplane?

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gh speed travel via car, train or airplane
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The benefit of high speed steel?

High Speed Steel is not a type of steel. It is a designation given to any tool that is capable of cutting into or through steel at high speed. A drill bit for example.. Refer

How High do airplanes travel?

Commercial jets usually fly at 10,000 metres.\nHow high can planes fly? It gets technical:\n. \n. \nA manned air-breathing jet aircraft following an uncontrolled ballistic t

What would be the benefit of airplanes traveling in the stratosphere?

The stratosphere (overlaying the tropopause) shows very little temperature differences and air density is very low meaning jets and/or planes burning a lot less fuel resulting

What travels faster airplanes or speed of sound?

The speed of sound does not travel. In the event that an airplane's airspeed is below Mach-1, the speed of sound is faster than the speed of the airplane. On the occas