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What are some challenges faced by observant Jews?

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1) In matters of belief, some religious Jews are worried that theories of evolution or Biblical-criticism might undermine what they have been taught about God, Creation, the truth of the Torah, etc.
2) Anti-Semitism is still very much alive; and observant Jews, with their kippah and/or hat, and possibly a beard and other signs of Jewishness, may be subject to attack.
3) In the workplace or school, traditional Jews have to find a way to be allowed a leave of absence on Jewish holidays. They also need to make arrangements for a kosher lunch.

4) With today's changing moral attitudes, the Jewish laws of decency cannot be taken for granted. There is more immodest dress and flirting in the workplace (and everywhere else) than ever before. One who minds his own business may be ridiculed as aloof.

5) Every new invention needs to be reviewed for possible halakhic ramifications. Here's just one example: refrigerators used to be simple machines whose only issue was disconnecting the light bulb before the Sabbath. Some new refrigerators, however, with their hyper-sensitive temperature maintenance and built-in computer-chip self-awareness, need to be purchased with a Sabbath-mode.
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Every new invention needs to be reviewed for possible halakhic ramifications. For example, do the benefits of a smartphone outweigh the risks.
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