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What are some characteristics of Juror 9 in Twelve Angry Men?

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Juror 9 was an elderly old man, but quite insightful. Although not physically strong, he was very sharp and had the courage to stand up for what he believed in. He appears to be the most observant in terms of noticing people's behaviours.
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In Act Two of the movie 'Twelve Angry Men - What causes conflict between juror number three and juror number five in the opening scene?

Juror #3 stands face-to-face with Juror #8, to demonstrate the stabbing action taken by the young defendant. But Juror #5, who has had experience with switchblade knife fights

What are the professions of the jurors in '12 Angry Men'?

The professions of all 12 jurors is not made clear during the play. Some professions are revealed while the rest of the jurors are symbolized more by their character than what

How does juror number eight in the Twelve Angry Men dispove the old man's testimony?

Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) dispels the old man's testimony by posing a question to fellow jurors: "How could the old man in the apartment downstairs distinctly hear the threat an

What are the names of the 12 jurors in 12 angry men?

In the 1957 version of the film, the jurors do not have names, only their juror numbers. At the end of the film Henry Fonda (Juror #8) and Joseph Sweeney (Juror #9) introduce

In '12 Angry Men' what type of juror is number 9?

Juror Number 9 was a quiet old man, polite, but firm in what opinions he had. He was the first to support Juror Number 8. He later made two very incisive points, about the ol

What is each jurors job in 12 angry men?

this is with information JURORS: 1st (Foreman): Coach, tries to settle down arguments. 2nd: banker, never been judge before, has a kid with mumps 3rd:executioner tells fro

Twelve Angry Men conflict?

The main conflict in the film Twelve Angry Men, was that there were eleven jurors who initially voted Guilty with one hold-out. That lone juror (Henry Fonda) would spend the r

Who are the characters in twelve angry men?

Juror #1, Juror #2, Juror #3, Juror #4, Juror #5, Juror #6, Juror #7, Juror #8, Juror #9, Juror #10, Juror #11, Juror #12, Only two character's names are revealed. At the en