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What are some differences between The Call of the Wild movie and book?

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No wild dogs attacking Francois and Perrault's camp No Dolly No mountain sled team that join Buck's team in catching the rabbit No Scottish half-breed No primal dreams No Skeet or Nig No fight in bar between John Thornton and Black Burton For the bet that John Thornton accepted: the money and distance were wrong and it was on mud instead of ice and snow. Buck's fight with moose was not included Quick ending No fight between Buck and wolf pack
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What are differences between Frankenstein book and the movie?

It, of course, depends on which movie you mean, but I'm assuming you mean the 1931 classic.     In the movie the monster never speaks. In the book he has a lot to say

What are some of the differences between the book and the movie versions of The Wizard of Oz?

Book 1. cellar inside the house 2. sivler slippers 3. no farm hands 4. no Professor Marvel 5. No Ms. Gulch 6. field mice saved Dorothy and the lion in the poppy field 7. the

What are some differences between the Old Yeller book and the Old Yeller movie?

The only major difference between the book and the film is that in the book, Mrs. Coates convinces Travis to shoot Old Yeller shortly after the dog fights the wolf and is expo

What were some differences between the book and movie 'Of Mice and Men'?

* George and Lennie are shown sneaking into a train at night to escape from Weed. This was not mentioned in the book.  * The bus is shown to be heading for Tyler Ranch whic

Differences between Inherit the Wind book and movie?

The most striking difference is the Native Dancer Story. In the  play, Drummond tells the story to Cates while they are waiting for  the verdict to come in. [In my opinion t

What are the differences between the lovely bones book and the movie?

They are a lot, i'll do everything i can think Book: In general things are a lot less friendly Movie: In general things are neutered. Book: Susie is raped and murdered.

Difference between the movie and the book of the devil's arithmetic?

In the Book, when Hannah goes back in time, she becomes Chaya. In the film her name is still HannahIn the book, Hannah has a brother named Aaron. But in the film, she is the o

What is the difference between the book Rapunzel and the movie tangled?

Rapunzel in the book was not a princess, Rapunzel was stolen because her mother would die and not give birth to Rapunzel if she didn't get some of the witch's Rapunzel plant,