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What are some general elements and symbols in chemistry?

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You should look at a periodic table such as this one: http://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/
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Hydrogen H, potassium K.
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What do chemistry symbols have to do with elements?

Element symbols are a convenient way to represent an element. They are used in chemical equations to represent elements using very few characters. Additionally, element symbol

Elements in chemistry?

They're all listed on the Periodic Table of Elements. Search it in any search engine.

Symbols in chemistry?

Ac Actinium Ag Silver Al Aluminum Am Americium Ar Argon As Arsenic At Astatine Au Gold B Boron Ba Barium Be Beryllium Bh Bohrium Bi Bismuth Bk Berkelium Br Bromine C Carbon Ca

What are the basic elements and symbols in chemistry?

The basic elements and symbols in chemistry are : . Carbon ---------> C . Chlorine --------> Cl . Hydrogen ------> H . Iodine ----------> I . Nitrogen -------> N . Oxygen ---

How do you do general chemistry?

General chemistry is clearly as the name implies not a specific field of chemistry. It is rather a course that most individuals int he scientific community will take in order

What is an element in chemistry?

An element is anything found on the periodic table of elements. It is a substance which cannot be separated into other substances by ordinary chemical techniques.

Chemistry what are elements?

its a thing in the world that makes up other things. A few are iron and argon and also my favorite is Uranium.

What is a symbol in chemistry?

A symbol in chemistry is defined as an abbreviation or shorthand sign for the full name of an element.
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Why do some elements have unusual symbols?

The reason why these elements don't correspond with their English names is because they are chemical elements in Latin. For example Potassium(K) is Kalium, Iron(Fe) is Ferum,

What organic chemistry is the chemistry of elements?

The question does not make sense to me. However I think you are asking what elements are involved in organic chemistry. All organic compounds contain Carbon and hydrogen. Oft