What are some good virtual worlds for girls?

GOSUPERMODEL! its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age, TOO!!">GOSUPERMODEL!its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age,TOO!!

Virutal Family Kingdom has amazing outfits, you can also become a fairy, a mermaid or a wolf. Lots of quests and games and chat with friends.
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What are some virtual worlds where you can level up?

I found some virtual worlds where you can level up. They are Woozworld, Moshi Monsters, Fantage, Epic Duel, Adventure Quest,  Super Secret, Secret Builders, Herotopia, IM (MORE)
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Why did barbie girls virtual world closed?

Many people say its because they weren't making enough profits, but  it turns out that they just had a contract which ran out, meaning  they had to close the site, which is (MORE)

What are good animal virtual worlds?

That is easy, the best animal virtual world I ever played is National Geographic's Animal Jam. It's EXTREMELY fun and I love it so much! There is so many nice people there, so (MORE)

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Did barbie girls virtual world shut down?

Yes, Barbie World Closed Down Because Not enough people were buying the membership and they were losing money. Stardoll is another game most people played after barbie world w (MORE)

Virtual worlds for girls 10 and up?

Well, I improved the answer, but I'm not sure if you are still looking for the answer, anyway. There are a bunch of virtual worlds. Here are some of the ones I know: The Trav (MORE)

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