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What are some good virtual worlds for girls?

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GOSUPERMODEL! its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age, TOO!!">GOSUPERMODEL!its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age,TOO!!

Virutal Family Kingdom has amazing outfits, you can also become a fairy, a mermaid or a wolf. Lots of quests and games and chat with friends.
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What is a virtual world?

A virtual world is where you make a boy or girl and think of a username and password,you can walk around places and add friends to your friend list and chat to them in public

Why did barbie girls virtual world closed?

Many people say its because they weren't making enough profits, but  it turns out that they just had a contract which ran out, meaning  they had to close the site, which is

What are good animal virtual worlds?

That is easy, the best animal virtual world I ever played is National Geographic's Animal Jam. It's EXTREMELY fun and I love it so much! There is so many nice people there, so

Virtual worlds for girls 10 and up?

Well, I improved the answer, but I'm not sure if you are still looking for the answer, anyway. There are a bunch of virtual worlds. Here are some of the ones I know: The Tra

Virtual worlds for boys and girls?

Here are some good ones: Ecobuddies Woogi world Pandanda Toontown Yoville Smallworlds Storyjumper Build-a-bearville Pixie hollow Woozworld Panfu Webkin

What are some virtual worlds for 11 year olds?

Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have some good sites. Or Neopets, though I'm not sure of the min. age. Well, not really no. There aren't really any specific virtual worlds for

How do you get girl babies in virtual villagers?

Like above, you get random gender babies, but i waited long enough 1 day and a crate washed up on the beach and inside was 2 baby girls :) Dont restart your game or whatever,

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What are some virtual worlds?

Here are some suggestions: moshimonsters neopets barbiegirls lpso marapets myscene webkinz supersecret ourworld woozworld girlsplay dressupgirl super

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What are some good VIRTUAL online games?

Here are some good websites for online games:   * runescape  * FreeRealms (Download- Ages 10 and up)  * HorseIsle  * vmk  * girlsense  * stardoll  * neopets (Have Y

What are some virtual worlds for girls?

Facebook Virtual Worlds: It Girl, Meez Beta*, Coco Girl, The Ville, New in Town, Fashion Week Live, The Sim Social (No download), YoVille, Stylista, Imingle, Sorority Life, Pe

Virtual worlds for girls ages 10-12?

There is a new virtual world coming out called Kuboo that is great for both boys and girls! It has beautiful graphics and state-of-the-art safety features. Kids get to explore

Do you know any good virtual world character names?

This depends on if you are a boy or a girl. Most of the time, when you think you want your virtual world person name to be one thing, you end up wanting it to be another. I kn

What are some good girl names?

Sheena Shayna Delilah Lilian Wendy paola faviola Julie juliana wendellen aisha Sophie Katie Mary Jesse Sapphire Lynn Rosie Ashley Taylor

What are some good comebacks for girls?

Here is one. If someone says you look fat say well look at your mom. And here's 1 from a site i looked at cant remember the name but they were like this: Bully: Your so fat Vi
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What website are like barbie girls virtual world?

there are allot of websites similar to barbiegirls.com including: bearville.com, clubpenguin.com, webkinz.com (which requires a stuffed animal and/or key-code for full experie