What are some good virtual worlds for girls?

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GOSUPERMODEL! its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age, TOO!!">GOSUPERMODEL!its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age,TOO!!

Virutal Family Kingdom has amazing outfits, you can also become a fairy, a mermaid or a wolf. Lots of quests and games and chat with friends.
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What are some good virtual worlds?

Well... There is, Animal Jam Petpet Park Club Penguin disney superbia secret builders moshi monsters neopets buildabearville super secret habbo hotel also .... Chobots.net Fa

What are some good virtual websites for girls?

Stardoll: This website is usually ages 7-17 Club penguin: This is usually ages under 15, and this website is for girls or boys. Moviestarplanet: A good website aswell, I wou

What are some virtual worlds for girls?

Facebook Virtual Worlds: It Girl, Meez Beta*, Coco Girl, The Ville, New in Town, Fashion Week Live, The Sim Social (No download), YoVille, Stylista, Imingle, Sorority Life, Pe

What are good Virtual avatar worlds for girls no download?

This are some: www.ourworld.com www.habbo.com This ones are really good... they are for teens. The next ones are for kids but you can try them, they are fun as well a

What are some girl virtual worlds?

Onverse is a great virtual world for girls or boys you can shop for cloths decorate your house collect player points play splatball or icefall or just explore Fantage.com
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What are some safe virtual worlds for girls?

Try AllGirlArcade,Be-Bratz(You should have a doll of it before you can register.),Zwinky Cuties,Barbie Girls,Miss O & Friends Virtual World,Ty Girlz,Pixie Hollow.
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Good virtual worlds for 10 year old girls?

Whirled,Fantage,Secret Builders,Ty Girlz,Buildabearville but I think they changed that to Bearville,Poptropica is kinda boring but you might like it,Habbo Hotel,Club Penguin,W

What are some good and free virtual worlds?

You NEED to try smallworlds! it's the best site i have ever played, it does not need to be downloaded, it has free word choice, your own home space, your own money, free inter