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What are some good virtual worlds for girls?

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GOSUPERMODEL! its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age, TOO!!">GOSUPERMODEL!its an awesome website u can meet other girls around the world!It is for any age,TOO!!

Virutal Family Kingdom has amazing outfits, you can also become a fairy, a mermaid or a wolf. Lots of quests and games and chat with friends.
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What is a virtual world?

A virtual world is where you make a boy or girl and think of a username and password,you can walk around places and add friends to your friend list and chat to them in public (MORE)

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What are some virtual worlds where you can level up?

I found some virtual worlds where you can level up. They are Woozworld, Moshi Monsters, Fantage, Epic Duel, Adventure Quest,  Super Secret, Secret Builders, Herotopia, IMVU, (MORE)

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Why did barbie girls virtual world closed?

Many people say its because they weren't making enough profits, but  it turns out that they just had a contract which ran out, meaning  they had to close the site, which is (MORE)

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What are good animal virtual worlds?

That is easy, the best animal virtual world I ever played is National Geographic's Animal Jam. It's EXTREMELY fun and I love it so much! There is so many nice people there, so (MORE)

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Virtual worlds for girls 10 and up?

Well, I improved the answer, but I'm not sure if you are still looking for the answer, anyway. There are a bunch of virtual worlds. Here are some of the ones I know: The Tra (MORE)

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Are there any good virtual worlds that are for free?

Barbiegirls.comourworld.comsecondlife.commeez.comimvu.comclubpenguin.compixihollow.comtoontown.comhabbo.comdragonfable.comadventure quest.comadventure quest worlds.comyoville. (MORE)