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What are some interactions between biotic and abiotic factors in the oceans?

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well first thing I know is that the fish and other animals breathe underwater so the fish or other sea animals are interacting with the oxygen or the carbon dioxide. Next, the coral reefs or the sea sponge need the sunlight and the water to grow. I think these are pretty much I know...and I hope this will help(?)
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What are the interactions with abiotic and biotic in the desert?

the interactions of abiotic and biotic factors in the desert include things like a snake having a home under a rock a rabbit drinking from a stream things of that nature reall

Interaction of biotic and abiotic environment?

  Every environment has both biotic and abiotic components within them. Biotic organisms rely on many abiotic substances to be able to survive. Like water, water is not li

Distinguish between abiotic and biotic factors?

Distinguish between abiotic and biotic factors. Biotic Factors: relates to the biological parts of the environment features include: · All the living organisms · How many