What are some objectives of holding a meeting?

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To provide those in attendance with the opportunity to:

. give and receive information, opinions, suggestions on the topic for which the meeting is being held.

. to discuss logistics, assign responsibilities , solidify plans

. to understand objectives and expectations.

. and for the person conducting the meeting, an expeditious way to do all of the above for everyone involved, in one session.

Brain storming
Idea sharing
decision making
project monitoring and progress check
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Where does congress hold meetings?

Dirksen Senate Office Building is commonly used for committeemeetings. Rayburn House Office Building is also a prominentlocation for these gatherings.

Where does the Queensland government hold its meetings?

The Queensland State Government cabinet can actually meet anywhere in the state of Queensland. Venues vary from Bribie Island to the Fraser Coast, to far North Queensland. the

What is a reason to hold meetings?

Meetings are held for many reasons, but the main one is to discuss matters affecting the community, a particular business and a household.

Why hold a meeting?

to organize ideas, solve problems, organize work team, sharing information to make decisions, to get suggestions and brainstorm ideas.

What are the consequence of holding ineffective meetings?

Since they are ineffective, there seems to be no results, no one is really listened to, etc. there is a general sense of frustration. Frustration because people don't want to
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What are some of the objectives of holding meetings?

There are numerous objectives when it comes to holding meetings.Examples include reviewing financial information, informingemployees of changes within the company, and brainst
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How do you do hold agood business meeting?

First you have to have a laser pointer and then make sure that you have cold cuts and then make sure that you have the materials that you are going to go over in the meeting.
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How do you hold a good business meeting?

First you need cold-cuts and you need some drinks and a cat and maybe a horse and then you can discuses what you need to discuses.:p