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What are some of the benefits of high speed travel via car train or airplane?

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You get to your destination faster.
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What is the only place on Earth where a boat can sail under a train that is traveling under a car that is driving under a flying airplane?

  The East River, if the subway-carrying bridges are taken into account. Atone time this applied to "Frisco when the Bay Bridge (the larger of the two) had the Key System

How High do airplanes travel?

Commercial jets usually fly at 10,000 metres.   How high can planes fly? It gets technical:       A manned air-breathing jet aircraft following an uncontrolled b

Why your car shakes at high speed?

Tire is not properly balanced, Tire is defective and/or out of round, Tire has a broken internal belt, a bent wheel, If the vibration is extremely fast and produces a droning

Does a car and airplane have the same speed?

Not sure if I understand the question but let me guess. Aircraft (and ships) use a term for their speed that is called knots. This is another value of measuring speed and is c