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What are some of the benefits of high speed travel via car train or airplane?

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You get to your destination faster.
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Generally how high and how fast do airplanes travel?

A typical commercial aircraft will travel at around 35,000 feet and will be moving at an airspeed of roughly 500-550 miles per hour, depending on the plane.

What is the only place on Earth where a boat can sail under a train that is traveling under a car that is driving under a flying airplane?

  The East River, if the subway-carrying bridges are taken into account. Atone time this applied to "Frisco when the Bay Bridge (the larger of the two) had the Key System

What if your car tyres burst at high speed?

Then you're in trouble, bad trouble. If it's a rear then it's not too bad, as most braking is done on the front. Braking will also help balancing the car giving the driver an

Why would a car shake at high speeds?

  Answer     wheels need balancing, sometimes shake is only evident at high speed

Explain which has greater interia- a speeding car or a jet airplane?

Inertia is basically resistance of an object to change it's state of motion. The force or moment of inertia each object has is based on one of Newton's classic laws of motion:
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What will happen if you flip a coin in a high speed airplane and why?

Nothing unusual IF the airplane is flying level and at a constant  speed. The coin will go up, flip, and come down as expected.    However, if the airplane is accelera