What are some snacks that begin with the letter F?

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· Fig Newtons cookies
· french fries
· Fritos
· fruit
· fudge
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What are some animals that begin with the letter F?

Animals beginning with F: . Fairy Bluebird . Fairy Fly . Falcon . Fallow Deer . Fan Worms . Fantail . Fat-Tailed Dunnart . Fawn (Baby Deer) . Felid (Member of the Cat Family) . Felidae (Biological Family of Cats) . Fennec Fox . Ferret . Ferruginous Hawk . Fiddler Crab . Field Mouse . (MORE)

What are some jobs that begin with the letter F?

finisher, footman . Farmer . Fashion Designer . Firefighter . Football Player . Film Editor . Film Developer . Florist, Fisherman . Forensic Scientist . Forklift Operator . Funeral Director . Flight Attendant . Fitness Instructor . FBI Agent . Food Inspector . Forecaster . Flaggers . (MORE)

What are some candies that begin with the letter F?

Candies beginning with F: . Fizz bars . Fizzies . Flat bars . French chew taffy . Freshen-up gum . Fruit slices . Fruit stripe gum . Fudge · Fig Newtons · Flicks Chocolate Wafers · Flipsticks · Forever Yours · French Burnt Peanuts · French Chew Taffy (MORE)

What are some snacks that begin with the letter H?

Haystacks are a fun snack that starts with the letter "H" . I don't have the exact recipe but they have chow mein noodles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and peanuts. Another great "H" snack is honeydew melon. Hope this helps!!

What are some beverages that begin with the letter F?

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: . Frappuccino . Frappe . Fruit juice . Fanta soda . Fanta Verdia (soft drink in Greece and Spain) . Firefly water (by Firefly Tonics) . Faygo soft drink . Fitz's soft drink . Folgers coffee . Fresca . Fresca 1 (soft drink in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama) . Fro (MORE)

What are some movies that begin with the letter F?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Finding Amanda Fishtales Forbidden Kingdom, The Frontier Funny Games U.S The Front Line Fast Track: No Limits Fool's Gold Freebird Flogging Margaret First Sunday Four Horsemen, The Finish Line Fear Chamber, The Fear House Fists of Righteous H (MORE)

What are some vegetables that begin with the letter F?

Fat Hen (Chenopodium album) . Fava Beans (wider and thinner than green beans) . Fennel . Fiddleheads (Pteridium aquilinum, Athyrium esculentum) (youngcoiled fern leaves) . Fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) . French bean . French Breakfast Radish . Frijoles. Spanish for "beans" . Fris (MORE)

What are some sports that begin with the letter F?

Formula1, Football, Fencing Fly fishing and field hockey are sports. Fox hunting and flag football are sports. * Football . Foosball . Fencing . Field Hockey football is a sport starting with f Football..... cough* Wow!.. . Football? or Futbol (as in soccer)?. Flagellation · fencing (MORE)

What are some colors that begin with the letter F?

Fire Red . Faun . Fern Green . Fire Engine Red . Firebrick . Flax . Flesh . Floral White . French Rose . Fresh Grass Green . Fuchsia . Fawn . floral beige . flamingo pink . fairy dust silver . fortune teller mango . forest green . flame orange . Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown (a Crayola Crayon (MORE)

What are some verbs that begin with the letter F?

Some verbs beginning with F: . faced . facilitate . facilitated . fade . fail . faint . fake . fall, fell . falsify . fan . fascinate . fasten . faulted . fax . fear . featured . feed . feel . felt . fend . fetch . fibbed . fiddle . fight . file . fill . film . finalize (MORE)

What are some occupations that begin with the letter F?

· Fast Food Caterer · Fast Food Delivery Driver · Fish Farmer · Fish Fryer · Floor Finisher · Forest Fire Inspector · Fruit Farmer · Furniture Fabricator · Furniture Finisher · Fabricator · Factory Worker · Fairground Worker · Fa (MORE)

What are some birds that begin with the letter F?

Fairy Penguin . Fairy wren . Falcon . Fantail . Fern wren . Ferruginous Hawk . Ferruginous Pygmy-owl . Festive Amazon . Fieldfare . Field wren . Fig bird . Fig parrot . Finch . Finfoot (a tropical water diving bird) . Firecrest . Firefinch . Firetail . Fischer's Lovebird . Fish cro (MORE)

What are some things beginning with the letter F?

Things beginning with the letter F: . fabric . face . fairy . father . feather . feet . fellow . fence . fern . ferret . fig . figurine . finger . fire . flake . flannel . flipper . floss . flower . fluid . flute . foal . foghorn . foot . fort . fo (MORE)

What are snacks that begin with the letter I?

Snacks that begin with the letter I: ice cream ice cream cone ice cream sundae ice cream soda ice cream sandwich ice cream cake ice cream bar iced cake iced cupcakes iced cookies iced doughnuts iced brownies iced turnovers iceberg lettuce (?)

What are some cities that begin with the letter F?

· Fairbanks, Alaska · Fairhope, Alabama · Fairview, Oklahoma · Fairview Heights, Illinois · Faisalabad, Pakistan · Farah, Afghanistan · Fargo, North Dakota · Faridabad, India · Farmington, New Mexico · Fayetteville, Arkansas · Fayetteville, Nor (MORE)

What are snacks that begin with the letter j?

Snacks that begin with J: Jam on toast jelly with peanut butter jelly beans ju ju bees jacks (cracker) jacks (apple) jambalaya (leftover) junior mints jasmine tea jelly doughnut jam tart juice smoothie jum jills (and very good they are)

What are some letters that begin with the letter F?

Depending on the spelling you are using, zero or one letters start with the letter F. The letter F, if you spell it "F," rather than "Ef," would start with its own letter. A style of letter could be a font . There are formal letters and friendly letters in correspondence.

What is an snack that begins with a?

Snacks starting with A: apple almonds apricot avocado antipasto Alpha-bits (right out of the box) American cheese slice Armenian string cheese Angel cake Anise cookies

What are some films that begin with the letter F?

· Father of the Bride · Ferris Bueller's Day Off · A Few Good Men · Fiddler on the Roof · Field of Dreams · Finding Nemo · Flubber · For Whom The Bell Tolls · Forest Gump · Frankenstein · The French Connection · From Here To Eternity (MORE)

What are some snacks that start with the letter U?

I just found this one and am out to get it for my daughter's kindergarten class...easy easy to boot! Pudding in snack cups (they suggested vanilla flavor, could even layer or be creative on this...), topped with crushed graham crackers, then topped with a paper umbrella -- underneath the umbrella is (MORE)

What are some restaurants that begin with letter F?

· Feast (Tucson, AZ) · Ferraro's (Las Vegas) · Fig & Olive (Los Angeles) · Fire + Ice (Boston) · Fleming's Prime Steakhouse · Four Seasons (New York City) · Frank & Alberts (Phoenix) · Frog Hollow Tavern (Augusta, GA) · Fruition Restaurant (Denver) (MORE)

What are some adverbs that begin with the letter F?

factually . faintheartedly . faintly . fairly . faithfully . falsely . familiarly . famously . fancifully . fancily . fantastically . far . fashionably . fast . faster . fatalistically . fatally . fatefully . favorably . fearfully . fearlessly . fearsomely . feebly . femininel (MORE)

What are some foods that begin with the letter F?

Here are some foods that begin with the letter F: fagioli all'olio fairy bread fairy cakes - English for "cupcakes" fairy floss fairy food (type of candy, popular holiday time, chocolate with amaple colored middle) fajita fake newton Falafel falscher hase Famous Amos cookies Fanta(drink) farfalle f (MORE)

What are some snacks that begin with the letter S?

Snacks that start with the letter s: . sandwich . smoothie . Snickers candy bar . strawberries Strawberries, star fruit, saltines, sliced squash , sweet potatochips, salami and sourdough mini sandwiches, sugar cookies,Skittles, Smarties, Snickers and Skittles

What are some names that begin with the letter F?

Boys' Names: Felix Fernando Federico Fredrick Frederick Freddy Fred Fabian Fabio Faustino Felipe Floyd Francisco Franklin Frank Frankie Fritz Girls' Names: Francis Francesca Francine Fran Florence Florentine Felicia Fay Farrah Faith Fannie (MORE)

What are some nouns that begin with the letter F?

Some nouns that start with the letter F are: . Fable . Fabric . Facade . Face . Facemask . Fact . Factory . Faculty . Fairfax, Virginia . Fairway . Fairy . Faith . Fajita . Falcon . Fall . Family . Famine . Fan . Fang . Fantasy . Fare . Fargo, North Dakota . Farm . Farmer . (MORE)