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What are some specific examples of Cuban foods and recipes?

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Black breans & rice, black bean soup, roast pig (on a spit), jamon y queso sandwich, lovely breads, fantastic fruit juices, mojito, rum, fish soup, etc, etc, etc
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What are some recipes for Egyptian foods?

4 servings      Egyptian Cucumber-Feta Salsa with Pita Crisps Recipe   Pita Crisps3 8-inch pitas, split in half Salsa1 cup (4 ounces) crumbled Feta Cheese2 tables

What are some of the typical Cuban foods?

Typical Cuban foods include black beans, white rice, yellow rice, citrus marinades, garlic, and fried sliced banana (plantain).And olive oil and garlic marinades are often use

What food do Cubans eat?

i think they eat uor food like chivken,cow,vegtables. and stuff like that question yall should know this this is the best website isnit or do i have to go to ask signed damary

What are some food recipes from Sierra Leone?

I don't know the recipes but I know what some of them are called:   Palmnut (Banga) Soup   Egusi Soup   West African Lemony Chicken and Okra Soup   Palmnut Soup

Example of a recipe with food quantification and food costing?

An example of a recipe with food quantification and food costing  would be Lasagna. Ingredients such as ground beef, onions, canned  tomatoes, garlic, cheese sauce, lasagna
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What are some examples of no carb foods?

Meats such as beef, fish and poultry have no carbs. Eggs, butter and oils also have no carbs. Other carb free foods include parsley, olives, mustard and heavy whipping cream.