What are some strategies to support the staff who care for a child with Down syndrome?

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You should make a foundation. Make it popular. Make posters to advertise it like Hunter's Hope for example. Many people will make donations.
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What are some coping strategies for someone with Down syndrome?

Remember that you have been gifted with a child that has a special disability. You are raising an angel in disguise, and one day you will be rewarded with a spot in heaven bec

How do you take care of a child with Down syndrome?

A down syndrome child is fairly normal depending on the percentage of the case i.e. the intensity of the patient. I would know this because my sister is a down syndrome child

How does Down syndrome affect your child?

Down's syndrome will give your child a total amount of 47 chromosomes in his/her somatic cells as opposed to the normal human who has only 46 chromosomes in his/her somatic ce

Can a Down syndrome child be harmful?

No! They are just as kind and gentle as regular people - in fact they ARE regular people. There is certainly no specific DS characteristic for 'harmful' behaviour. The quest
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What is the likelihood of a downs syndrome person to have a child with downs syndrome?

The likelihood of an individual with down syndrome to conceive a child is extremely rare. There is infertility among both males and females with Down syndrome; males are usual