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What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

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sexually physically mentally emotionally
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What are some ways people abuse animals?

They abandon them. They underfeed them. They put them to sleep for no reason. They kick and kill them. They slaughter animals for food and animal testing. And many other thing

Why do people abuse their kids?

Because some people who just want to go on in their work they first don't think of their children when children makes noise they get beated but slowly parents Recognise tha

About how many kids are abused?

  According to some, every child is abused. Because if they aren't being physically, sexually or emotionall abused then they are being neglected, which is a form of abuse.

Around what ages do kids get abused?

Children get abused from before birth (such as a person kicking or hitting a pregnant woman in the stomach, for instance) up to adulthood.

Why do kids who get abused become abusers themselves?

When abused, a kid practices blocking out their pain. They use this learned technique to block out the pain they inflict on others as an abuser. A few other things are occurri

What do you do if your abused?

well say if its a family member or husband or boyfriend then you have to ask yourself what your still doing with them

What are some different ways that an animal is abused?

Animals are abused by bullfighting, factory farming, getting hit, kicked, and starved. Why do people do this? Because they don't respect animal life and are selfish and lonely
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What is the abuse?

abuse is where you get hit by someone bigger then you and yopu are to scared to speak out about it

What are some ways people can abuse or misuse the Internet?

Some ways that people can abuse or misuse the internet are when: 1.Watching/looking at pornographic videos or pictures. 2.Hack people on certain websites 3.Use the inter