What are some ways that kids who are abused are abused?

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sexually physically mentally emotionally
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In which ways can adults can punish their kids with out being abusive?

Answer . Well there are a lot of ways to punish your kids without being abusive. For younger children there's the time out method. Place your kid in time out and time it. O

Why are kids abused?

Answer . Kids are abused because people want to have power over somebody. They don't care how. . kids get abused because like the one before they feel they need the power

What are some ways to get away from child abuse?

Before I can answer your question, I need you to think about the answers to the questions I am about to ask:. 1. Who is the person abusing you? Family member, teacher, church

What are some ways to prevent partner abuse?

I'm sorry but I find the answer below extremely offensive and whom ever wrote it obviously has a strong veiw on this matter but no personal insight to it, abuse victims don't

How are kids abused?

kids are abused sexual way or beaten up by their own parents ......other people that they dont know may hit them , too.

Why do some parents abuse their OWN kids?

Often parents who abuse were abused when they were children. This is what they know as parenting and they need help. Parents who abuse need to learn how to parent without hitt

Why do some people sexually abuse their kids?

There are many reasons that people sexually abuse their children. Some of them have to do with unmanaged mental illness or conditions, some of them have to do with an inabilit
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What are some different ways that an animal is abused?

Animals are abused by bullfighting, factory farming, getting hit, kicked, and starved. Why do people do this? Because they don't respect animal life and are selfish and lonely