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What are the 8 developmental tasks of teenagers?

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1. Achieving new and more mature relations with others.

2. Achieving a masculine or feminine social role.

3. Accepting changes in one's body and using the body effectively.

4. Achieving emotional independence from parents and other adults.

5. Preparing for marriage and family life.

6. Selecting and preparing for an occupation.

7. Adopt priorities in keeping with personal goals and societal expectations.

8. Desiring and achieving a socially responsible behavior.
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What is developmental tasks?

A physical or cognitive skill that a person must accomplish during a particular age period to continue development.

What is developmental learning?

understanding human anatomy and human's interaction,behavior,genitals with the environment which helps humans to grow in a social setting.

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What is developmental task?

developmental task are guidelines to do what society expects of them at certain ages

Development task of a teenagers?

achieving new and more mature relationships with age mates of both sexesachieving a masculine or feminine social roleaccepting one's physique and using one's body effectivelyd

What is task?

  An assigned piece of work usually to be finished within a certain time.

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What is developmental democracy?

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What is the purpose of developmental task?

Developmental task are stages of development and tells how children should be doing at certain ages, so it is a guideline to compare children abilities.