What are the 8 developmental tasks of teenagers?

1. Achieving new and more mature relations with others.

2. Achieving a masculine or feminine social role.

3. Accepting changes in one's body and using the body effectively.

4. Achieving emotional independence from parents and other adults.

5. Preparing for marriage and family life.

6. Selecting and preparing for an occupation.

7. Adopt priorities in keeping with personal goals and societal expectations.

8. Desiring and achieving a socially responsible behavior.
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Define developmental task?

The definition of a developmental task is a cognitive or physical  skill that an individual has to lean in order to move to the next  phase in life. These tasks take place a (MORE)

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What is developmental tasks?

A physical or cognitive skill that a person must accomplish during a particular age period to continue development.
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Development task of a teenagers?

achieving new and more mature relationships with age mates of both sexesachieving a masculine or feminine social roleaccepting one's physique and using one's body effectivelyd (MORE)

Reading as a developmental task?

Reading is an important part of a childs development. For instance,  a child reaching adulthood that can not read is likely to suffer  from an inferior complex, and could ea (MORE)

Discuss developmental tasks of early childhood?

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What are the developmental tasks of a teenager?

havighurst's developmental tasks   # achieving new and more mature relationships with age mates of both sexes  # achieving a masculine or feminine social role  # accept (MORE)

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