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What are the Areas of the abdomen- Quadrants and Nine Areas?

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The abdomen can be divided into four quadrants: the right upper quadrant, right lower quadrant, left upper quadrant and left lower quadrant.
It can also be divided into nine regions which, going clockwise in a spiral from the top right (as in the patient's right) are:
Right hypochondriac region, epigastric region, left hypochondriac region, left lumbar region, left iliac region, hypogastric region, right iliac region, right lumbar region, umbilical region.
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  It is like a tic-tac-toe game. The middle section is called the umbilical region. Then, from the upper left around in a clockwise manner we have: Right hypochondriac

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Where is your abdomen area?

Your "belly". It is known as the abdomen as your abdominal muscles are located there. I would say stomach but the stomach is actually up and to the left of the abdominal area.