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advantage-its a base for all the digital modulation technique

1.since amplitude keeps varying so there is noise associated with it.
2.due to nyquist criteria its require high bandwidth.
3.due to amplitude variation peek power of receiver also varies with it

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What are the disadvantages of pulse amplitude modulation?

1. The bandwidth for transmission of PAM signalis very very large compared to its maximum frequency content. 2. The Amplitude of PAM Pulses varies accordingly to modulated s

How is pulse amplitude modulation transmitted?

Generally pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) is trasmitted as a  series of DC levels and are mostly used in wired trasmissions (DC  is not effective wirelessly).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pulse code modulation?

ADVANTAGES -Low Noise Susceptibility -Repeatability -Storage -Encoded Signal DISADVANTAGES -PCM requires very complex encoding and quantizing circuitry.-PCM requires a large b

What are the advantages of pulse width modulation?

1. Cheap to make. 2. Little heat whilst working. 3. Low power consumption. 4. Can utilize very high frequenzies (50-100 Khz is not uncommon.) 5. Very energy-efficient

Amplitude modulation compared to Pulse position modulation'?

  Amplitude modulation (AM) is a technique used in electronic communication, most commonly for transmitting information via a radio carrier wave. AM works by varying the s

What are the advantages frequency modulation amplitude modulation?

  Frequency modulation have some advantages over amplitude modulation, FM is not sensitive to the amplitude noise, and have high efficient use of transmitted power

What is the advantage of amplitude modulation?

  Amplitude modulation (AM) allows for simpler receivers. In the early days of radio communication, that was important. The AM signal can be readily demodulated with a dio

Advantages of amplitude modulation?

SBSC and DSBRC signals need their carrier to be regenerated (by a beat frequency oscillator, for instance) to be demodulated using conventional techniques.Even greater efficie

What are the advantages and disadvantage of pulse position modulation?

An advantage of pulse position modulation, or PPM, would be that  the receiver does not need to use a phase-locked loop for tracking.  A disadvantage of PPM is its sensitivi

What is advantage and disadvantage of amplitude modulation?

The differeces between frequency and amplitude modulation does not effect the range. Fundamentally the amplitude modulation system is less efficient in that a carrier is gener