What are the benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own materials?

before making your own materials in teaching it is of great help if you conduct a survey of making materials before hand. you are able to provide enhancement based on what you have observed.
saves time.....
you can copy ideas
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What materials are used to make a baseball?

The center of a baseball is a cork ball. The cork ball is covered with rubber, then cotton and wool yarn are tightly wound around the cork and rubber center. 150 yards of cot (MORE)

Do comedians write their own material?

Some comedians write their own material, while many if not all comedians have writers.Bob Hope, for instance, had a stable of writers working overtime. Same with most renowned (MORE)

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What conditions make materials harmful?

Conditions that make material harmful is that when it is used for harming/destroying/killing/polluting the environment and the people.

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