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To add the some of the characteristics of Art Nouveau's actual art on canvas is:

-An artist should work on everything from architecture to furniture design so that art would become a part of everyday life. By making beauty and harmony a part of everyday life, artists make people's lives better. This approach has been represented in painting, architecture
-typical flat, decorative patterns
-nickname 'the noodle style'
-flat, decorative patterns, intertwined organic forms of stems or flowers
-curving lines characterize Art Nouveau, right-angled forms are also typical
-Principal subjects are lavish birds and flowers, insects and polymorphic femme fatale
-Abstract lines and shapes are used widely as a filling for recognizable subject matter.
-beautiful objects of art, but not necessarily very functional.
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What are usual art nouveau colors?

Colors were muted or dusty in appearance. Gold, green, beige, black, silver and some maroon. Blues were light with tint of green. Pink too was muted to almost a salmon.

Why art nouveau?

why not?, it was a lovely period.... if your refering to the name it means "new art" which at the time it was, its curvilinear nature inspired designs being the opposite of w

Why did art nouveau start?

This decretive style began spreading throughout Europe in the 1880's as a reaction against the academic mid-19 th century art. Art Nouveau actually originated in London from

Who is an artist of art nouveau?

Of course there were many of them, but the best known is the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. Another important name is Alfons Mucha of Prague.

When was art nouveau created?

Art nouveau emerged as an artistic movement in the 1880s and remained popular until around 1914.

Who are the key designers of Art Nouveau?

Click link below! Add these names:. Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Scotland) Victor Horta (Belgium). Alphonse Mucha (Czechoslovakia) Hector Guimard (France) Aubrey Beardsley

Where did Art Nouveau originate?

Art Nouveau is the French for, "New Art". The attitudes of artists that created Art Nouveau reflected a new and revolutionary way of thinking which made beauty and harmony a p

Art Nouveau when and where did it begin?

Art Nouveau was a style that was first started by a Czech artist named Alphonse Mucha in the very late 1800s and continued in to the 1900s. Mucha was born in Brunn, the capita

When did art nouveau begin and end?

The art noveau movement, noted particularly in France, began around 1890 and ended the finish of World War One. However, an art movement can never officially "end".

How long did art nouveau flourish?

Art Nouveau has made itself know and present from 1880s to 1910s. This movement walked under the flag of an art that would break all connections to classical times, and bring